Dinkum: Players Can Now Build Guest Houses in Latest Update

Dinkum Steam

Dinkum is a fun building simulation game inspired by the Australian outback where players turn an uninhabitable place into an inviting island.

The House Warming Update for Dinkum was released recently and it brought new stuff that players will enjoy.

Guest Houses
Guest Houses Steam

First, players can now build guest houses. These can be used for different things, such as storage for crops and farming materials, and a good place to stay for those who visit the island. These are buildable once players have upgraded their tents into houses and by visiting Fletch afterwards.

A new wild animal called the Frilly (otherwise known as the Australian Frilled Lizard) has been added in the House Warming Update as well. Inspired by their real-life counterparts, the Frillies are fast and they will not hesitate to fight back when provoked. They can be found roaming the desert biome and if players manage to defeat them, they will receive a Thunder Sac - a new resource that can be used to craft the Bat Zapper.

Watch Out for that Frilly!
Watch Out for that Frilly! Steam

Patch Notes

  • A deed for a new permanent business can be offered by an NPC
  • Added a valuable new mystery crop
  • Customizing houses now requires a House Customisation Kit sold at John’s Goods.
  • The wandering hunter can now craft a new tool to help deal with those annoying bats.
  • The wandering hunter will now craft new weapons.
  • Alpha Animals will now sometimes drop unique items
  • Franklyn can now learn to craft a new contraption to assist with dirt management
  • Added new crafting levels of Scythes to Farming License
  • Two scarecrow recipes are now included with Farming License level 1
  • Added Gumwood and Hardwood variants of steps and lamps
  • Added new recipes for craftable decorative items
  • Added recipes for new pathing options
  • Added a new bug and a new fish
  • Added a way to “farm” grass seeds.
  • A new mysterious statue can be found in the mines
  • A new flower can rarely be found in the desert, only on or after rainy days.
  • You can now use paints to color crates and chests
  • Added new fashion accessories
  • Dog Kennels can be purchased from Irwin’s shop
  • Added custom key bindings
  • Players can now buy farm animals while visiting another island if they hold the correct license
  • You can now rename farm animals and pets
  • Some of the Dinks from your pockets slots will be taken if you pass out
  • Animal Traps made with Iron can capture stronger animals easier
  • Changed the visitors spawn table to make Rayne and Irwin more likely to visit if you have their licenses.
  • Pet Doggos now have more health and will drop their collar if they die
  • Flying birds drop more feathers
  • Quartz now spawns in the mines
  • Adjusted the keg and quarry recipe ingredients
  • Quarrie’s loot table has been rebalanced and now contains quartz

Dinkum House Warming Update is available on PC.

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