Diablo II: Resurrected Brotherhood Mod Replaces Certain Things to Up the Enjoyment

Diablo II Resurrected
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To this day, Diablo II: Resurrected remains unstable. It is still plagued by several server issues, including long queue times and random crashes. Having said that, you can still enjoy the game in single-player mode, especially if you install some modifications.

Brotherhood Mod

Modding is very much alive even in the remastered version of Diablo II. The Brotherhood is an overhaul mod that essentially changes some game aspects to make it even more enjoyable. It replaces class skills, items, monster behavior, and so much more.

This mod is created by BrotherLaz and if you’ve been active in the Diablo II community, you will know that they are also the creator of Median XL, a very popular overhaul mod that provides new content and character customization, among many others.

At the moment, only three of the seven playable classes have been altered, including the Druid, the Necromancer, and the Amazon. The mod is still very much a work in progress and it may be available sometime before the year ends.

Those who like to play the Amazon class but want it improved may be enticed to install Brotherhood once it becomes available. You see, the said class can use three different weapons, and because of this, the skill trees are a mess. That is why the creator removed all the Javelin skills in favor of the Bow and Spear only.

In addition, all existing skills have been enhanced immensely. Impale, for example, has a longer stun duration, knocks the enemy back, and steals mana from the target. These are changes not available in the original.

While this is good and all, you may be hesitant to install any sort of program or third-party files that may alter the game in any way. But, according to BrotherLaz, using their work is safe. In fact, it is even actively encouraged by Blizzard, so long as it stays within the company’s established boundaries.

It is also worth noting that the use of mods is only applicable to single-player mode only, so there is no harm done to anyone else.

If you are interested, visit the creator’s website to see the latest updates and when it will become available. Hopefully, it will be up very soon.

So, what do you think of this upcoming mod by a very prominent creator in the Diablo II community? Are you going to install it or not?

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