Devil May Cry 2 Switch Release Date Confirmed

The second Devil May Cry title to get ported to the console.
Capcom announces a port of Devil May Cry 2 for the Switch, set to arrive on September 19.
Capcom announces a port of Devil May Cry 2 for the Switch, set to arrive on September 19. Capcom

The latest Nintendo Direct held a plethora of exciting news and announcements for the Nintendo Switch, with classics getting ported for the console and new developments on upcoming releases.

While not announced directly on the Direct, publisher Capcom made their own announcement with regards to Devil May Cry 2, which will see a Nintendo Switch release on September 19. It’s the second of the original trilogy of Devil May Cry games released for the console, following the release of the original Devil May Cry back on June 25. Check out the teaser trailer for Devil May Cry 2 for the Switch below.

As far as the series goes, most fans and reviewers would agree that Devil May Cry 2 is the absolute worst in the series, although that status is also being challenged by DmC Devil May Cry. This is due to the fact that it was rushed to development and release, with director Hideaki Itsuno being brought to the actual development four months from the game’s launch after Capcom announced its dissatisfaction with the previous unnamed director’s work. That said, there are some who actually liked Devil May Cry 2, but that can mostly be attributed to the fact that it was easier than the hardcore difficulty presented in the original Devil May Cry.

With two Devil May Cry games already on the platform, you can expect Devil May Cry 3 to follow suit, and possibly the three games bundled together as a high-definition rerelease. It’s still anyone’s guess as to why Capcom did not release all three games bundled together in the first place, seeing as the remaster that first released for the PS4, PC and Xbox One is over a year old. As for the other Devil May Cry title, it remains to be seen if the developers can port Devil May Cry 4, although nobody should hold their breath for Devil May Cry V on the Switch any time soon.

Devil May Cry 2 will be released for the Switch on September 19.

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