Destiny 2: Gambit Now Gives More Reputation in Hotfix

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie really wants players to engage in Gambit more than they should. Hence, Hotfix increases the reputation that can be gained after every Gambit match.

It’s no surprise that Gambit is one of the least played game modes in Destiny 2 due to issues, including loot, class balancing, and just the overall mechanics. To somehow entice players to play Gambit, the company has increased reputation gains by over 50%. This change helps players achieve a higher Gambit Infamy Rank faster for those sweet masterwork materials and exotics.

Aside from that, Hotfix has also nerfed Citan’s Ramparts. This exotic gauntlet is special because it allows titans to shoot through their barricades while under protection.

That said, it seems that some Destiny 2 players may have abused it a bit, especially in PvP. Thus, Bungie has increased the cooldown of the Barricade ability while Citan’s Ramparts are equipped by a whopping 70%. As if that’s not bad enough, the amount of damage players can deal to a Citan’s Barricade is increased by 25%.

The nerf is a huge blow for those who rely on the exotic gauntlet. Not only do players need to wait longer to cast Barricade again, but enemies can destroy it much easier now.

Patch Notes

  • Heist Battleground
    • Fixed an issue where Shadebinder Warlocks couldn’t shoot Stasis projectiles during their Super.
    • Legend difficulty now grants progression toward various Triumphs and Challenges.
  • Year-5 Seasonal ritual activities now count toward ritual progress of all Season Pass Exotic catalyst quests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ritual of the Season Triumph progressed with Heavy Grenade Launchers instead of Pulse Rifles.
  • Crucible
    • Rumble: Restored as a game mode and removed from the weekly rotation.
    • Showdown: Fixed an issue where revives where not properly displayed on the scoreboard.
  • General
    • Adjusted Deep Stone Crypt raid encounter rewards to favor Deepsight weapons that have not had their patterns fully unlocked.
    • Happy farming.
    • Updated Deep Stone Crypt's Commemoration Machine Gun to properly allow Rapid Hit and High-Impact Reserves as crafting options, as well as Feeding Frenzy and Under Pressure.
    • Fixed an issue where Tripwire Canary was not displaying the correct draw time stat in the UI.
  • Rare (blue) engrams no longer drop after reaching the soft gear cap. Equivalent Glimmer amount will be rewarded instead.
  • Gunsmith reputation gains increased by 25% to compensate for the lack of Rare engrams.

So, what can you say about the increased reputation gain in Gambit? How about the nerf to Citan’s Ramparts?

Destiny 2 Hotfix is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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