Deceit 2 Officially Arriving on PC and Consoles Soon

Prepare for more horror.
Prepare for more horror. World Makes

Developer World Makers has confirmed that the social horror survival game Deceit will have a sequel. Simply titled Deceit 2, it's going to offer new content, gameplay innovations, and overhauled characters.

Aside from what's already mentioned, there is one more advantage that this sequel has over the original game. It's coming to consoles, specifically PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, in addition to its scheduled release for PC.

Deceit 2 serves as an evolution when it comes to asymmetric horror gameplay. That's because it brings players a genuinely terrifying atmosphere through each aspect of the game. The massive overhaul of gameplay mechanics gives a more tense and suspicious atmosphere for players as they try to determine who among their friends is the Infected Terror stalking them. Combat, meanwhile, features new abilities and items which allows innocents to defend against the Infected.

What else can players expect in the game? There are interactive maps which create even more intense chases. The game also offers narrative content that features both new and returning characters.

New Features

According to the studio, Deceit 2 has been built from the ground with Unreal Engine 5 and using everything the team learned since 2017. Features include:

  • Heart Racing Combat
    • Experience intense chase sequences with remastered monsters, new items, new abilities, and interactive maps that provide groundbreaking asymmetric action at night.
  • Deep Lore
    • Enjoy detailed backstories which ground the characters into a richer Deceit universe.
  • Next Generation Visuals
    • See the all-new visually stunning characters and maps.
    • There's also a new main menu that brings a look-and-feel grounded in the new lore.
  • Rich Investigation
    • New items, clues, and abilities add to the investigations in the day period.
  • Nine-Player Games
    • Play with larger parties with three brand-new in-game characters to choose.

From One Game to the Next

Most progression won’t transfer from the original Deceit game to Deceit 2 except:

  • Character outfits from the Masquerade event (July to September) unlock a special set of legacy outfits in Deceit 2.
  • All Deceit 1 Emblems are transferred to Deceit 2 on release.
  • A special selection of six legacy outfits inspired by Deceit 1 cosmetics (voted by the community) are unlockable through the Legacy Reward Scheme.

Excited about the game? PC players can now wishlist Deceit 2 on Steam.

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