‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Spoilers: Justice Society Of America Arrival Prompts Brand New Mission

Vixen, who helped out Arrow in Star City recently, is joining Rip Hunter and the 'Legends' team next season. CW

When Captain Cold destroyed the Oculus, the explosion also marked the end of of the Time Masters. Foresight of destiny and future were erased and The Legends will have to protect time themselves. We don’t know how exactly the ripple effect will affect the timeline, but all of this will play a huge role in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

[SPOILER ALERT] The Legends lost three team members in the process: Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Captain Cold. But they’ve quickly recruited three replacements: Hourman, Citizen Steel, and Vixen.

Hourman showed up to warn the Legends of an impending threat in the season finale. Photo: CW

With Vandal Savage out of the picture, the Legends (of the present) thought their battle was over. However, in the final moment of the season finale, a second Waverider time ship appeared out of the sky and none other than founding JSA member Rex Tyler (Hourman) stepped out. It turns out when the Time Masters brainwashed Mick Rory and sent him back in time as the supervillain Chronos, he somehow managed to warn Rex Tyler of an impending threat in 2016.  Hourman revealed to the Legends that if they got back on The Waverider without hearing him out, they’d all die, thus prompting their next mission.

What is that mission? We don’t know exactly, but it’s not chasing after just one villain like the Legends did with Vandal Savage in the first season. Like he’s done in the past, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has once again assured fans that next season has to do with JSA and protecting the timeline.  

“Like Rip says at the end of the season finale, there basically are no more Time Masters. We basically have to be the Time Masters,” Guggenheim revealed via Entertainment Weekly’s spoiler room column.

If the Legends are indeed the new Time Masters, there’s no way they could possibly ignore what Barry Allen has done back in Central City. By going back in time to save his mother, The Flash has severely disrupted the timeline, essentially creating an alternate timeline where the world is turned upside down. Grant Gustin has said this version of Flashpoint is nothing like the animated movie or the comics, so we don’t know if Barry Allen will lose his powers or how the aftermath will play out.

The Flash
Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen on CW's The Flash. Photo: CW

Guggenheim's adamite comments suggest JSA will take on the duties of the time masters. In addition to Hourman and Citizen Steel on Legends of Tomorrow , Superman is joining Supergirl ,  and Jay Garricks’ Flash was finally revealed in The Flash season finale. It’s unclear if all of the traditional JSA members across the Arrowverse will come together in an early crossover event to address what Barry Allen has done. The CW has a way of slowing introducing big plot points, so JSA could turn out to be a mysterious entity that operates alone, separate from the Legends.

Will only the existing members of the Waverider take on the duty, or will only The Flash have to deal with the consequences of his actions?

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