Days Gone Zombie Apocalypse Adventure Shambles To PS4 In 2018

  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
  • Survival
Zombies, pretty much everywhere you look.
Zombies, pretty much everywhere you look. SIE Bend Studio

SIE Bend Studio's upcoming post-apocalyptic open-world game Days Gone is unique for two different things: It's the first IP created by SIE Bend Studio since 1999's Syphon Filter , and it looks like a refreshing take on survival horror, set to deliver its vision of the genre in 2018.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios' Shuhei Yoshida was on hand during PlayStation Experience 2017 to confirm that Days Gone would indeed arrive on PlayStation 4 next year. No release date was given for the game just yet, but at least fans have some sort of window to look forward to.

Days Gone follows protagonist Deacon St. John, portrayed by Samuel Witwer, as he navigates a chilling new world that's struggling to come back together after a global pandemic that nearly wiped out all of humanity. Stop me if you've heard this one before, but many of the survivors were transformed into pitiable zombie creatures named "Freakers." Said "Freakers" are dangerous both solo and in droves, with multiple types out there known as "Newts" and "Hordes." Although the names may sound derivative, they will no doubt terrify players.

St. John, a former bounty hunter, lives his life on the road, so with roving Freakers out for blood, he's got to protect himself accordingly. You can decide how he can best protect himself from the advancing hordes, whether it's to take the fight directly to them, hide in the night time and pick them off at night, or find shelter to survive another day. While the zombies are slower and weaker in the daytime, much like in the game Dying Light, they're ravenous and murderous at night, so you'll have to plan your moves accordingly. A selection of vehicles, including Deacon's motorcycle, will be at your disposal as well.

If your hunger for blood and brains can't be sated, you'll want to sink your teeth into Days Gone when it's out next year. Hopefully, we can narrow down its release date in the coming months.sdf

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