Dauntless Sharpen Your Skills Update Now Available, Open Beta In 2018

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Dauntless has updated, adding a new weapon class, two new Behemoths and more Phoenix Labs

Dauntless is still in Closed Beta, but a recent update adds new features, weapons, monsters and more. Called the Sharpen Your Skills update, it is available now to play (if you’re invited to the beta, that is).

The update revamps combat with the addition of a new weapon class, along with enhanced weapon and combat damage types. The new weapon class are the war pikes, and they add the first ranged attack to Dauntless. Players have to deal damage with the war pike until a bar is charged up. Once charged up, the player can shoot a beam of energy from the pike at an enemy while standing a safe distance away. Watch out, because the charge bar drops to zero if you take any damage before firing your shot.

The enhanced weapon and combat damage types include specialized damage like piercing damage, bleeding effects and more. Players can create devastating damage combos if they strategize about which weapons to bring to which fights. For example, if you’re fighting a monster with thick armor, it’s best to bring weapons that can crack open the armor so you can deal massive damage.

Players can also  better protect themselves thanks to the new “Cell” augmentation system. Some armor pieces and weapons now include a slot for an added bonus ability, called a Cell. These range from passive abilities like attack/defense buffs, or other skills like earning health when you revive fallen teammates.

With all this new gear, it would be a crime if there was nothing to use it on. Thankfully, the Sharpen Your Skills update adds two new Behemoths, Skarn and Kharabak. Skarn is an armored Behemoth that players will have to work together to crack through his thick plating. Kharabak is fast, strong and hard to predict. This Behemoth will test even the most experienced players.

Along with the new Behemoths comesa new progression system. Players will spend less time waiting to join a group in matchmaking and go to new zones filled with random Behemoths. Killing these earns players Wayfinder Marks, which can be used to start specific quests. There are also new daily and weekly hunts, that offer successful players big rewards.

Additionally, starting on Dec. 19, players can join in the Frostfall Event, a timed Winter-themed in-game event. There will be festive surprises and special challenging hunts during Frostfall, as well as the implementation of facepaint, beards and new hairstyles.

So what do you think? Are you excited to try out the new war pike weapon on the two new Behemoths? Will you wait until the open beta releases in 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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