Darksiders, Darksiders 2 And Steep Are Now Free On Epic Games

Darksiders 2
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Epic Games concluded the final 12 days of 2019 by giving away 12 games. However, the digital storefront has kicked off the New Year by giving away three more fantastic games that you can grab this week. Epic Game's Holiday Sale, which was supposed to end yesterday, has also been extended, giving players more time to grab some of their favorite games for a sweet deal.

If you haven't heard of or played Darksiders, you're missing out on a masterpeice of a game. The first Darksiders is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of one of the four Horesmen of the Apocalypse, War, to rain judgment on Earth. War soon learns that Earth's destruction is a conspiracy between the forces of Heaven and Hell. War gets stripped of his powers and abilities and has to find his way to exact revenge. In his quest, War has to battle angels and demons to regain his amazing powers and confront the ones who betrayed him.

Talking about Darksiders 2, it's a whole different story. This time, another Horseman, Death, takes center stage and is awakened by the End of Days. Death embarks on a quest to redeem War's name. Death is terrifying to reckon with, and is someone that everyone fears and that nobody can escape.

Epic Games is giving away the Warmastered Edition of Darksiders and Deathfinitive Edition of Darksiders 2, and you certainly don't want to miss them.

On the non-violent side of things is the picturesque Steep. Steep is an open-world winter sports game developed by Ubisoft. The game lets players ski on snowy mountains and glide around in wingsuits across valleys while enjoying some awesome winter scenery.

All of these games are available until January 9, so hurry up!

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