Control Shows Off Its Mind-Bending Narrative In A New Trailer

It provided some answers, but raised even more questions.
Remedy has released a newest trailer for Control, this time showcasing more of its story.
Remedy has released a newest trailer for Control, this time showcasing more of its story. Remedy Entertainment

“Many people wanted to welcome the Hiss in.”

This new premise has just unraveled more of Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games’ upcoming title Control, and shows just how many forces there are at play in the narrative’s bigger picture. We’ve seen what Control can offer us in terms of gameplay, with a deep focus on exploration within the ever-shifting Oldest House (the game is basically a third-person Metroidvania) and the usage of the Service Weapon, a supernatural firearm wielded by the game’s protagonist, Jesse Faden.

Now, Remedy dropped more in terms of the game’s narrative, as there’s a new official story trailer just released for the game. The minute-and-a-half footage is as cryptic as ever, and filled to the brim with some very unsettling imagery, but a voiceover from one of the game’s characters brings us up to speed with what exactly is happening inside the Oldest House during the game’s events. Check out the trailer below.

This newest trailer confirmed a lot of my suspicions before, but it also surprised me with just how bold Remedy is. We see a bald character that talks about his dreams of seeing the Hiss break out of the FBC’s control, taking over their main building, the Oldest House. The FBC is in charge of investigating, acquiring and ultimately controlling ‘Altered Items,’ ordinary objects that otherwise exude paranormal and otherworldly traits. It seems that the Hiss, which is the game’s antagonist, is in fact one of these Altered Items, at least judging by how the bald guy describes the situation of it breaking free.

More and more this game is reminding me of the SCP Foundation, which is a well-known archive of fictional fan pages kept and maintained by its community detailing paranormal, yet ordinary occurrences. It’s also kept secret by a fictional clandestine entity, to which Control is parallel with. It’s a very interesting prospect to see more of Control now, as it’s looking to embrace such a mind-bending take on the supernatural, carefully traversing the thin line between psychological horror and action. If there’s a developer that I know can achieve this feat, it’s probably the minds behind Alan Wake.

Control will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 27.

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