Conquest of Elysium 5: The Raksharaja Class Added in Update 5.21

Conquest of Elysium 5
Conquest of Elysium 5 Steam

A new patch for Conquest of Elysium 5 is now available. Update 5.21 adds a new class to the game, along with new maps, improvements, and bug fixes.

Conquest of Elysium 5 is a 2D turn-based fantasy strategy game that boasts numerous factions and classes. What makes this game unique is that each race plays differently, offering you new playstyles and mechanics to suit your preference.

Anyway, Update 5.21 adds the Raksharaja class to Conquest of Elysium 5. The Raksharaja is a demon that has taken control over a society of monkey people and needs to get a hold of the blood sacrifices of the monkey people to summon more of its kind.

This new patch also brought various improvements. For one, traveling merchants can now travel near Elysium planes whenever possible. Moreover, CPU usage is reduced when you’re on the map screen, allowing you to browse the map with fewer lags or stutters.

Below are some of the highlights for Update 5.21:

  • 6 new magic items
  • Enormous map size width increased 78 > 80 squares
  • New battle maps: House Ruins and Town Ruins
  • New random event: Elemental Anomaly
  • New spell: Blindness
  • Wandering Damned Merchants in Inferno
  • Not selected commanders are now darker, to be more visible against the snow
  • Twiceborned necromancer now revive in the citadel twiceborn was cast in
  • Burrowing units could try to emerge on friends instead, fixed
  • Allies in a castle siege attack could not burrow
  • Some defensive walls no longer attack terrain
  • Fix for wall attacks in the battle log
  • Fear effects on terrain are no longer printed in the battle log
  • It was sometimes possible to select a square outside the current plane, fixed
  • No longer possible to go berserk in the fight aftermath
  • More corrupted Town and Port names for Hades
  • Fix for port sea look in Hades
  • Painted Crystal Priestess didn't enable Sorceress recruitment
  • Scrying network performance improvement
  • Fix for horror summoning in network games not working properly
  • Cloud Lord AI improvements
  • AI smarter item distribution
  • Fix for some independent behaviors
  • Inferno didn't react when one of their citadels was conquered, fixed.
  • The demon lord Belial now brings troops along with him when going to Elysium
  • It was sometimes possible to see when AI was scrying
  • New ritual commands: multiplane, updhomeifterr, seasonreq, clearsquarespec
  • New monster command: ape
  • New item commands: magicboost, pathboost, mr, morale, str, rank, falselife, curseditem, extracost

Conquest of Elysium 5 Update 5.21 is available on PC.

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