Cloudpunk PS5 Release Due Out on August 19; Physical Release on August 26

The atmospheric open-world title to rival CDPR’s is making its way to PlayStation new-gen consoles.
Cloudpunk will see a native release for the PlayStation 5 on August 19, in addition to a physical release for the platform on August 26.
Cloudpunk will see a native release for the PlayStation 5 on August 19, in addition to a physical release for the platform on August 26. Merge Games

Developer ION LANDS and publisher Merge Games have announced the native PlayStation 5 release of Cloudpunk, the developer’s open-world atmospheric cyberpunk exploration title. For those who want a physical release, Merge Games also announced a separate release date for disc-based media, coming to retailers a week later on August 26. To celebrate the next-gen release of this next-gen title, Merge Games also released a new trailer which you can check out below.

Cloudpunk for PlayStation 5 will introduce several exclusive features thanks to its overhauled release. It will natively support 4K at 60 frames per second, with greater volumetric lighting and increased rendering draw distance, and fog quality thanks to the PS5’s next-gen hardware. Cloudpunk on PS5 will also introduce a more diffused, higher quality bloom to give a softer lighting effect on the dark streets, with higher resolution skyboxes also providing increased fidelity.

We can’t talk about native PS5 releases without mentioning the special features brought by the DualSense controller, and Cloudpunk is no exception. It will feature haptic feedback on rain effects, with the adaptive triggers also kicking in every time your vehicle takes damage. Finally, the lightbar also lets you know your current fuel status at any given time.

The PS5 release will also see the addition of a brand-new feature that puts players straight into the driver’s seat thanks to the cockpit mode. This mode is exclusive only to consoles.

Cloudpunk follows the story of Rania, a new courier working for Cloudpunk, a semi-legal delivery company based in the cybercity of Nivalis. Your job is to deliver packages to several customers, taking you and Rania into the city’s various depths and underbellies. You’ll encounter mysteries in the ever-dangerous world of corporate conspiracies, filled with hackers and rogue AI. Cloudpunk features story-based exploration that adapts based on your choices, with additional narratives also sprinkled throughout.

Cloudpunk is currently available via a digital release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The PS5 release will also be available as a free upgrade for current PS4 players.

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