ChinaJoy 2019: Metaverse Keeper Coming To PS4, Currently Available On Steam Early Access

The dungeon crawler takes place in the weird and mystical Metaverse.
Co-op dungeon crawler Metaverse Keeper will be making its way to the PS4 later this year.
Co-op dungeon crawler Metaverse Keeper will be making its way to the PS4 later this year. Sparks Games

ChinaJoy 2019 ramped up over the weekend, and with it another host of titles from China-based developers as the country’s biggest gaming expo is now on the verge of ending. There are tons of games that were featured over the past few days, so be sure to stick around for our coverage of everything announced at this event, especially seeing as China is starting to gain footing in video game development – and that means more great games for everyone.

Of all the announcements featured during ChinaJoy 2019, one of the most exciting was Metaverse Keeper, a co-op dungeon crawler from Chinese developer Sparks Games. Initially announced just for the PC, its ChinaJoy 2019 appearance also included news of an upcoming PlayStation 4 version.

Set in outer space, long after a great cataclysm shook reality, Metaverse Keeper follows four heroes from four different universes and their journey to the Bastion –a vast and mysterious ship drifting across space-time. Our heroes will have three goals in mind: uncover the secrets of the cataclysm, stop the Boss, and bring balance back to the Metaverse. By harnessing the powers of their space-time abilities, death becomes a minor setback in their journey to defeat this great evil. This also means that each attempt will change the very nature of the Metaverse and Bastion itself, resulting to unique attempts each and every time.

The four heroes are:

  • Wong: The Programmer – combines tech-savviness and serious hand to hand combat skills. Special ability is the Matrix Shuffle, allowing him to pass through enemies and deal damage.
  • Zoe: The Bomber Girl – demolitions expert that use the explosives at her disposal. Special skill is Rocket Leap, allowing her to dodge attacks and deal damage upon takeoff and landing.
  • Brooks: The Rock Star – wields a gun with a special skill that allows him to store up to three dodge charges at a time.
  • Howard: The Astronaut – veteran explorer and scientist, can open up to two portals which he and his teammates can traverse for a short period of time.

Metaverse Keeper also employs a “Chips” System that allows players to upgrade their abilities, equip passive effects, and customize their weapons. These Chips can be obtained by clearing rooms of enemies, and purchasing them from Chip machines.

Currently available on Steam’s Early Access for $14.99, Metaverse Keeper is sitting at a Very Positive Rating on Steam. No release date has been announced yet for both either platform.

ChinaJoy 2019 started on August 2 and officially ended yesterday, August 5.


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