CallToCombat Pioneers The World's First MMORPG Metaverse Game On Binance Smart Chain

CallToCombat Pioneers The World's First MMORPG Metaverse Game On Binance Smart Chain
CallToCombat Pioneers The World's First MMORPG Metaverse Game On Binance Smart Chain CallToCombat

The global market for video games is on an "upward spiral," and the future projections are looking good. Newzoo's research forecasts that with a compound annual growth rate of 12.2 percent, the market for the gaming industry will be valued at more than 200 billion USD by the end of 2023. The market growth has attracted innovative projects like the MMORPG-based CalltoCombat (CTC) game.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are the current rave in the gaming industry as they herald an era of first-person player game characters and real-time interaction with fellow players. However, CalltoCombat, an MMORPG, takes this realistic experience slightly higher. It is pioneering the first metaverse-styled game based on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC). Its IDO release is slated for the 5th of November, 2022 . To be part of the IDO, you must buy BNB and ensure that you have either Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet. You can swap your BNB for $CTC on pancakeswap, but ensure you set the slippage on 2%+.

According to Mark Boyd, Co-founder at CalltoCombat, "The Metaverse Keeps redefining itself, with millions of users venturing daily, it is without a doubt that metaverse will be the landmark for the future."

Overview of the CalltoCombat Game

CalltoCombat is a first-person shooter game with several storylines, including the rescue of hostages and battling with armed enemies. Players earn bounty points upon completion of the several levels in the game. The player controls the characters, who use a variety of realistic firearms to aim and fire at the enemy. The game features many missions with a series of objectives, and the players are tasked to complete each mission's objectives before proceeding to the next mission. Weapons can be exchanged with those found on the battlefield dropped by dead soldiers.

The game has four levels with five distinct characters ( Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Generals) . Each of these characters possesses unique skills and capabilities. CalltoCombat employs the standard health bar as used in most combative adventure games. The bar reduces upon a successful attack by the enemy and injury to the player but can be restored through medkits scattered throughout the levels or purchased from the NFT Marketplace.

The CTC Protocol

The CTC Protocol enables transactions to be performed through a decentralized and efficient method. It ensures that profits are consistently distributed to holders of $CTC tokens. The annual percentage Rate (APR) for the first year is set at a massive 1000% percent. An advantage of this protocol is that holders of the $CTC tokens can earn BUSD directly into their wallets when they stake.

Staking is made simple and risk-free because the protocol is designed such that the $CTC tokens never leave the wallet of the bearer. Therefore, the involvement of a third party or a centralized authority is not essential. Additionally, the CTC Insurance Fund (CIF) greatly reduces the risk of users losing their hard-earned money.

The CalltoCombat Native Token

The CalltoCombat ($CTC) native token is designed to operate as an interoperable utility token within the game's ecosystem. It can be acquired on DEX/CEX platforms, earned via in-game rewards, or acquired through staking.There are 100 million $CTC tokens in total supply. The token utilities include;

  • Primary in-game currency
  • Means of purchase in the NFT marketplace.
  • Means of partaking in upcoming events in the CalltoCombat Metaverse.
  • Means to increase in-game abilities and character features.


The future of gaming is a completely immersive experience which is what the metaverse provides. CalltoCombat's ground-breaking gaming approach is what sets it apart. It will bring about a new level of productivity to the blockchain and gaming industries, consolidating the new NFT + Gamefi + Defi model. You can visit the website for more information regarding the game and how to get started.

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