Call Of Duty Zombies Director Jason Blundell Leaves Treyarch Studios

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After 13 years with the studio, Call Of Duty Zombies director Jason Blundell is leaving Treyarch Studios, which is bitter news to all the zombie fans around the world.

In a tweet posted to Treyarch Studios Twitter account, co-studio head and Zombies mode director Jason Blundell announced his departure. "After thirteen fantastic, action-packed years, I am moving on from Treyarch. During my time at the studio, I've been privileged to work on a variety of projects, wearing many hats along the way, with my time on the Zombies team proving to be quite special."

If you followed Call Of Duty’s Zombies storyline you know how action-packed and story-driven the game mode was. The entire Zombies crew, along with Blundell, put in so much work for the past 13 years leading it to have one of the best fanbases ever made. Most of my childhood revolves around the Zombies storyline and seeing how the characters travel across time and space to solve the crisis.

The story has so much depth to it, which made the experience and grind in completing the game very fun and rewarding. The story revolved around many characters, but the main characters were Dr. Maxis, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Tank Dempsey, and Samatha Maxis.

The overall Zombies story revolves around the fictional element in the periodic table, Element 115, while Gods and greater beings made it super complicated and fun to run through.

Blundell began working on Nazi Zombies as a one to four-player bonus mode in which players fought against waves of enemies back in 2007 for Call of Duty World at War. World at War was the first game in Activision's blockbuster shooter series to feature a Zombies mode, although it was only playable once the campaign was completed. Zombies would go on to gain huge popularity within Treyarch's Black Ops games as a fully-fledged mode separate to campaign and traditional multiplayer.

We don’t know how the next Zombies game will play out without Blundell supervising the game. Blundell acted as producer on Call of Duty 3, but became associated with the zombie's mode after directing two maps for its Black Ops 2 remake.

So, what are your thoughts on Jason Blundell leaving Treyarch Studios? Do you think his departure is going to change how the game is made and will get degraded over time? Personally, I think that the game is going to play poorly without his creative guidance. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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