Call Of Duty Weekly Roundup: Modern Warfare Brings Back Gunfight Tournaments

It's back.
It's back. Ubisoft

There’s been a lot happening around the different Call of Duty games. The biggest of these is probably the return of Gunfight Tournaments to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is but one of the many new things arriving in this game.

We also look into the modes arriving in Call of Duty: Warzone. Meanwhile Call of Duty: Mobile looks to be ready to end its current season and is offering a sneak peek at a new map.

Look who’s making a return

Good news for everyone, Gunfight Tournaments is back in Modern Warfare. For those not familiar with how this one works, it’s pretty simple. All players need to do in this 2v2 mode is to win four straight games, and once that’s done they get to walk away with some awesome rewards. For those who lose their first fight, not to worry since there is an XP reward along with some other cool stuff.

Give it your best shot.
Give it your best shot. Ubisoft

Another new thing coming is the SERE Kit: Plunder Player Store Bundle. This one comes with two blueprints, one for the Alabaster assault rifle and the other for the White Light sniper rifle. That’s just two of the goody offers in this bundle. There’s also the Blood in the Water bundle, which gives players access to the Epic Feeding Frenzy Shotgun blueprint. This shotgun is a good choice for those who want to clear bomb sites at point-blank range.

Season’s almost over

Meanwhile Call of Duty: Mobile revealed that there’s only a few days left in its Radioactive Agent season. The rewards are still available, so don’t waste any time and start earning them.

Iy's almost done.
Iy's almost done. Ubisoft

Mobile also announced that it is supporting veterans with the CODE Freedom Pack. All proceeds from the sale of this pack are going to help unemployed and underemployed veterans get high-quality jobs. The pack contains a M16 Weapon Blueprint, Frag Grenade, MW11, Wingsuit, Parachute, Avatar, and Calling Card.

Support our heroes.
Support our heroes. Ubisoft

There’s also a new map arriving to the game which should be familiar to Modern Warfare 2 players. Be sure to watch out for that.

Check out the other stuff

For Warzone, players get to enjoy the different modes that include Battle Royale Solos, Duos, and Trios. There’s also the 200-player Quads, which should be more than interesting.

Humiliate your opponents.
Humiliate your opponents. Ubisoft

Meanwhile for Black Ops 4, the July Quad Feed has been extended to July 15. That means there’s still time to get Double XP, Double Weapon XP, Double Merits, and even Double Nebulion Plasma. The fan-favorite game Sticks & Stones is also being made available this week.

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