Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Latest Update Adds Hacienda Twilight Map, Tweaks Blackout

Hacienda Twilight Map added in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
Hacienda Twilight Map added in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released an update that offers new features along with new content for all modes. The updates include the official launch of Contracts, as well as the release of the Hacienda Twilight map in MP. Black Ops 4 has been releasing updates over the past few months, but this latest update appears to be one of the large ones.

One update that players are sure to love is Contracts. Here players get the chances to complete as many as 196 such contracts spread out each week across Blackout, Multiplayers, Zombies, and even World League.

The update also brings some tweaks to the Hacienda Twilight map, which is now part of the Multiplayer map rotation. Compared to other alternate-lighting environments, this map’s moon-bathed exterior is brighter than its interior. In addition, the blazing fires, structural changes, and other new additions may need players to try this map in a Custom Game before jumping into a public match.

Changes to Blackout

One of the biggest changes in the update is for Blackout. Completing certain actions in Blackout now awards players with Medals. These include, among others, reviving teammates, eliminating a UAD, or even taking down zombies. For each medal earned, players earn Merits.

Blackout is also adding "Sentry" mode. Unlike the Multiplayer version, the one in Blackout deals lower damage and functions more as an alert system. Sentry mode also serves as a nusiance rather than threat to opponents. The Sentry is found only in Supply Drops and Stashes. Players who are able to complete the Outfit Mission get an additional reward called "Number Death Effect." This is a Blackout-themed effect for weapons in the Armory and Create-a-Class and can be used in multiple modes.

Another update to Blackout is the "Blackjack's Stash." Players who are able to find such a stash get the chance to get Black Market weapons currently in their collection. For example, players who managed to earn the Vendetta sniper rifle in the Operation Spectre Rising Contraband stream can equip the same weapon from the stash. Blackjack's Stash is only available in limited-time modes for now.

Finally there is "Humiliations" which are available in Blackout’s redeploy modes and in Multiplayer’s Heist. For those not familiar, Humiliations are epic finishing moves that take out enemies in style when they’re downed, and was first introduced in the Bounty Hunter LTM.

A complete list of the the changes in the latest update can be viewed here.

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