Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Some good news.
Some good news. Taito

PlayStation 4 players have a good reason to celebrate as Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is finally arriving to the console. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends was initially released as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The success of that release may have promoted the game's jump to another console. A physical release, along with a digital download, is scheduled for the end of 2020 for America, Europe, and Australia.

It’s important to note that while Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is set to be released for the PS4, it may arrive with a different title. In addition, the PS4 version expands the game with new content, meaning new stages and game modes. Switch players shouldn’t worry as any new content coming is going to be available patched into the Switch version as well.

So what is Bubble Bobble 4 Friends all about? Well, it’s part of the Bubble Bobble franchise. The game stars the twin Bubble Dragons named Bub and Bob. Players go though one hundred stages blowing and bursting bubbles. Ultimately, the goal of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is to rescue Bub and Bob's girlfriends.

The original Bubble Bobble was first released in 1986 and a huge number of games have been added to the franchise since then. In 4 Friends, players still control Bub and Bob and need to clear stages by shooting bubbles, breaking bubbles, and trapping enemies. Throughout the game players can also get special skills. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends has a multiplayer option which allows for as many as four players to play together.

Art Contest

To celebrate the upcoming release to the PS4 console, Taito and ININ announced that they are holding a fan art contest. This is going to be open to all Bubble Bobble fans. If you think you have the artistic and creative skills, then go ahead and join. Here’s what you need to do to join:

  • Application Requirements
    • Contest Name
      • Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Fan Art Contest
    • Theme
      • Bubble Bobble 4 Friends and Bubble Bobble series characters must be part of the artwork
    • Image Format:
      • JPG
      • 1920px (width) x 1080px (height)
    • Note:
      • Multiplte entries can be submitted from the same Twitter account.
      • The same work can't be submitted more than once.
      • Post only one illustration per tweet.
  • How to Apply
    • Follow the official Taito account on Twitter.
    • Post your nickname that can appear on the credit screen.
    • Only alpha numeric characters are accepted.
    • Add the hashtag #BB4Ffanart to the post.
Join the contest.
Join the contest. Taito

Don’t take too long as the contest ends on May 31. What’s in store for those who want to join? The first prize is that the winning artwork, and the nickname of the winner, are going to be shown in the Bubble Bobble 4 Friends PS4 version's credits. The artwork is also going to be added to the Switch version in a future update. The second place prize is a game code for the PS4 version. Winners are going to be announced at the end of June.

Learn more about the art contest here.

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