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Brawlhalla Update 7.03
Brawlhalla Update 7.03 Steam

Brawlhalla recently received an update that introduced the latest battle pass season, which features several new challenges and missions. In addition, the developers fixed several in-game issues.

Brand New Missions for Battle Pass

The latest season includes daily, weekly, and general missions where players can earn battle gems. All players are given access to weekly missions, but those who unlock the gold track will give more opportunities to earn battle gems and rewards.

New Challenges

The latest update introduces two new challenges, Cannon Zero to KO Variation 1 and Orb Bread ‘n Butter String 1, which can help players train their skills. The Cannon Zero to KO Variation 1 is a string that can be used to quickly defeat an opponent when taken by surprise. On the other hand, the Orb Bread ‘n Butter String 1 is a staple string for any Orb player, which deals good damage and sets the opponent for a follow-up.

Brawlhalla Update 7.03

Game Improvements
User Experience
  • Improved the camera on Western Air Temple so that it correctly centered on the Map.
  • Players can now favorite/unfavorite Legends that they do not own.
  • The favorite Legend button on mobile has been moved to the character selection screen.
  • Fixed hitbox & force discrepancy between Battle Boots Recovery and Exhausted Recovery.
  • Added a new launch option for Steam Windows: “-nonetworknext” will disable Network Next acceleration.
Bug Fixes
User Experience
  • (Switch only) Fixed a bug where favorite Legends weren’t getting saved when the game closed.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player could enter an online game using a Skin that is for a Legend other than the one they are playing.
Art and Animation
  • Fixed an issue where equipping Four Arms’ Gauntlets or Hammer would cause the Deal with It Emote to use Four Arms’ sunglasses instead of the Legend’s or Skin’s sunglasses.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Weapon effects to not play during the Volkov's Side Axe Charge.
  • Some larger Maps that were missing initial Weapon spawns have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where Battle Boots Side Light and Gravity Cancel Side Light did not trigger the bubble in Bubble Tag.
  • Fixed a bug where the fanfare graphic wasn’t showing up in replays.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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