'Boom Beach' Mega Crab Mission: 7 Things To Know About Dr. T's Special Event

'Boom Beach' Mega Crab Mission: 7 Things To Know About Dr. T's Special Event
'Boom Beach' Mega Crab Mission: 7 Things To Know About Dr. T's Special Event Supercell

It seems like Boom Beach players just got a case of the crabs, because Dr. T’s big, advertised, Jan. 15 surprise has officially gone live. Called the Mega Crab event, it becomes unlocked for Boom Beach players once they reach headquarter level 7.

Designed with evil intentions in mind by Dr. T, the Mega Crab will appear from the shadowy depths of the ocean near your home base and will have an infinite amount of stages that will increase in difficulty linearly.

Attack Tokens

Boom Beach players will have three attack tokens to begin with, with a maximum of seven in total, and will only be able to get another attack token by either completing a stage or waiting three hours for the tokens to recharge.

Damage Is Persistent

Damage committed against the Mega Crab is persistent according to Supercell, which is great news for any Boom Beach player struggling to figure out the strategy side of Boom Beach. This means that if a Boom Beach player wipes while attacking the Mega Crab, their progress will not be reset on the next attack.


The rewards however, may be the best part about the Mega Crab event, and any Boom Beach player with the right amount of patience will makes themselves rich from attacking the Mega Crab. The first stage has a reward of 36,000 gold, 10,000 wood, 16,000 stone and 8,400 iron, but by stage fourteen, the rewards for successfully advancing have jumped up to 440,000 gold, 130,000 wood, 100,000 stone and 200,000 iron.

Also in the mix is the chance for a Boom Beach player to nab some power stones, intel documents, prototype models and more.

High Scores

The high score for the Mega Crab event will be visible online starting Monday Jan. 18, but Boom Beach players will be able to see the high scores for their local time zone, friends and their task force within the game.

Choose Your Troops Wisely

Supercell has advised Boom Beach players to strategically choose their troops for each different stage, and to use statues for necessary attack boosts. The Mega Crab has multiple attack angles, depending on the stage, and will have dynamic levels, meaning the layout of the map may differ in height in different areas.

Take Advantage Of Critter Globes

Oh, and don’t forget about the critter globes, which may perhaps be your best friend in helping defeat Dr. T and his giant destroyer-of-the- Archipelago Mega Crab. These critter globes, when blow up, will unleash a swarm of drones that will direct defense turrets and soak up some valuable damage while your beach storming troops get into position.

There Is A Time limit

You only have seven days to reap as much as you can sow with the Mega Crab event, so get cracking. It is unknown when the Mega Crab or Dr. T will come back, if they ever do come back.

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