Blood and Bacon: October 25 Update Features New Guns in Tunnels

Blood and Bacon
Blood and Bacon Steam

Big Corporation, the developer behind Blood and Bacon, has launched a new update that features new guns found in tunnels.

Most games nowadays focus primarily on graphics. But for Blood and Bacon, that is not the case. Instead, it focuses on gameplay elements that people will surely love.

For those who do not know, this is a co-op shooter game with multiple maps, day and night, numerous bosses, and more than 25 enemy types. Its graphics leave much to be desired, but the overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam just shows that it’s all about the experience more than anything else.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, there are new guns that you can find in tunnels. Furthermore, all guns now have true recoil and they vary depending on the type of weapon. If it's too much, you can simply disable it in the settings.

Tunnels can now be explored by two people. That means you no longer have to fight enemies alone. There are also some minimaps that you can find within to help you navigate through tunnels with ease. Press the TAB key if you want to zoom in or out.

Most people who play on PC use a mouse and keyboard, but if you just want to relax and use a controller instead, be glad that there are gamepad improvements from this update. Plus, there's an improvement to the sprint mode.

Lastly, the progress you’ve made when exiting the tunnels will automatically be saved. In other words, you do not have to worry about losing progress. Just go to the next tunnel, pick up the weapons that you can find, and repeat.

October 25 Update Changelog

  • New guns found in the tunnels
  • Two-Player Tunnel Exploration now
  • True gun-recoil added to every weapon
  • New bullet hole variety added, new gfx
  • Horde mode bug fixes
  • Crash fixes to 4-Player mode
  • New Tunnel Textures
  • Gamepad improvements, sprint mode
  • Flashlight effects in tunnels etc
  • Locked doors now color-coded
  • Minimap shows players
  • Redsun availability improved day 10,30,50
  • Gold stars updated, achievements easier
  • New pickup mesh and textures gfx
  • Possible key to shack
  • Improved enemy colors and ai
  • Progress Saves when leaving tunnel exit
  • Secret added to tunnels display shelf
  • Secret story added to bounceback

Blood and Bacon October 25 Update is available on PC.

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