Black Friday 2019: The 5 Best Gaming Products On Sale Right Now

Black Friday 2019
Black Friday 2019

There is no doubt that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Black Friday takes place on the 29th of this month, and companies everywhere are preparing for big sales on all sorts of items. All big retailers are going to be participating in the Black Friday price cuts and if you act quickly, you can bag a delightful surprise. Although Black Friday is a few weeks away from today, online retailers are already teasing users with special discounts on select products. Here are some of the best gaming products that you can find at spicy discounts right now.

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Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 Amazon

The Resident Evil 2 remake brings the spine-chilling horror experience that is complemented by improved graphics, zombie mechanics and intense thrill. The zombies in Resident Evil 2 have been improved significantly and instill terror in the minds of players as they try to kill these undead creatures as they keep coming despite being peppered with bullets. All in all, Resident Evil 2 does a great job at being a scary, tactical, and sometimes overwhelmingly stressful experience. The good thing is that the game is available at a sweet discount on Amazon. If you haven’t played Resident Evil 2 yet, it might be worth giving a shot.

DIERYA Compact Mechanical Keyboard

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard
DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard Amazon

The DIERYA mechanical keyboard is an ideal keyboard for someone looking for a compact and sleek design. The keyboard's size makes it suitable for both home and office use. The keyboard's tenkeyless design serves a more practical purpose to gamers and typists. The keyboard also comes with powerful software that allows users to personalize the keyboard and customize advanced features to their liking. Although the keys are not individually lit, the keyboard does run an RGB theme across the board that still looks impressive. You can pick this keyboard up for a sweet deal on Amazon right now.

Letton L9 Stereo Gaming Headset

Letton L9
Letton L9 Amazon

The Letton L9 stereo gaming headset comes from the popular brand SADES. The headset is powered by a powerful 50mm sound driver that emphasizes powerful stereo performance. The Letton L9 does a great job with producing crisp, clear, and deep bass, which enhances your gaming, movie, and music experiences. The headset is also designed using lightweight material which allows users to use the product for a long time without feeling tired. Check out the headset while its available for a sweet deal on Amazon.

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Redragon M602-BA Gaming Mouse and Mouse Pad Combo

Mouse and Mouse Pad
Mouse and Mouse Pad Amazon

Redragon's gaming mouse and mouse pad are on a sweet discount on Amazon right now and if you have been looking for a gaming mouse, the M602-BA won't disappoint you. The mouse features up to 7200 DPI (adjustable between 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI) and 10G acceleration. The sensor implemented in the mouse helps you achieve pinpoint accuracy and the Micro Grade Micro Switches ensure greater durability, longevity, and responsiveness. The mouse pad comes with true RGB backlit effects, which add much-desired aesthetics to your gaming setup.

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken
Razer Kraken Amazon

The popular Razer Kraken headset can be picked up from Amazon for a great deal right now. The headset is designed using a custom-tuned 50mm sound driver that immerses you in the game and enhances the experience. The headset is built using bauxite aluminum that ensures durability and flexibility. The implementation of a larger driver enables the headset to produce crisp, clear, and louder sounds, which will make you feel like you are at the center of your gaming action.

Wrap Up

There are no guarantees how long these deals are going to last and we have no idea whether these deals will be repeated during Black Friday. So, you might want to hurry and grab one of these discounted deals now before they disappear.

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