Big Ambitions Now on Steam Early Access

It's an RPG and sim in one.
It's an RPG and sim in one. Hovgaard Games

What do you get when you combine a role-playing game with a business sim? You get Big Ambitions and you can now try it out on Steam Early Access. In the game, players start from scratch and work their way to become the biggest entrepreneur in New York.

This latest milestone comes just a little under three years since the development of the game started in May 2020. According to a post by the team at Hovgaard Games, the idea for the game was simple: come up with a management/tycoon game that offers the freedom experienced in RPGs.

Features of the game include:

  • Huge Business Sandbox
    • Go from nothing to becoming the most prominent tycoon in New York.
    • Start a business, work smart, and make it thrive.
  • Grow Any Business
    • Start your own gift shop, supermarket, coffee shop, law firm, clothing store, liquor store, and floristry.
    • It's up to you to decide what success is all about.
  • Incredibly in-Depth
    • Get to do different activities like:
      • Taking out a loan.
      • Renting a building.
      • Designing the logo.
      • Renovating the store.
      • Getting stock.
      • Managing money.
      • Hiring staff.
      • Building infrastructure.
    • It won't be long when you begin importing products from the harbor and distributing them through a network of warehouses.
  • Expand Your Empire
    • A bigger business means managers.
    • Hire HR managers, logistics managers, and purchasing agents.
    • They'll need desks and computers, so be sure you have that fancy headquarters.
  • Life Sim on Steroids
    • The game is a life sim where your character has to physically interact with the world to survive and succeed.
  • Own New York City
    • Enter any building in New York and buy it.
    • Go from a small apartment to a dream penthouse in midtown.
    • Fill each with furniture that suits your style and standing.
    • Invest your hard-earned cash in real estate to grow your empire.
    • Take over the city piece by piece.
  • Fast Cars or Investment Funds
    • Spend your wealth however you wish.
    • Buy a big SUV, a speedy sports car, or the new luxurious Mersaidi S500.
    • You can also risk it all at casinos or put your money into investment funds and reap the rewards.
  • Make it to Retirement or Don't
    • As you progress, you always need to ensure you get enough sleep and stay healthy and happy.
    • Enjoy the journey, for as you grow older, you’ll discover that money can’t buy you time or maybe it can?

Play Big Ambitions on Steam now.

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