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Assassin's Creed Valhalla
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Norse mythology is intriguing, captivating, and a perfect setting for an open-world game. There have been remarkable movies and TV shows that have used the Norse setting. Additionally, two years ago, we also got to play God of War, which was completely set in Norse mythology. This year, Ubisoft is also leveraging the power of Norse mythology and taking the Assassin's Creed fanbase to the Viking era. However, if you haven't played any Viking themed games before, or you want to get a grasp of the Norse mythology before Valhalla releases, here are some games that you will probably enjoy.

God of War

Previously, the God of War series was popularly known for representing a fictional version of Greek mythology. Most gamers who fell in love with the franchise were convinced that Kratos and the God of War lore would always remain within the Greek pantheon. However, Cory Barlog, the creative director for God of War, took the entire fanbase by surprise when he and his team rebooted the game and introduced us to the jaw-dropping Norse mythology. God of War went on to be arguably the best game of the year in 2018 and we cannot recommend it enough.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellbalde: Senua's Sacrifice is a psychological horror game set in the Viking mythos. The story involves a woman named Senua who ventures into the depths of Viking hell to save the soul of her lover. If you want to explore the Norse mythos with a touch of the modern world, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will allow you to do just that.

For Honor

Ubisoft already played around with the Viking setting in For Honor. The game released four years ago and it is still continuously supported with seasonal updates and new content. While being a Viking-themed game, For Honor does not explore the mythology related to Viking and Nordic culture. However, the focus here is to deliver a decent player versus player fighting experience. Although, the graphics and theme of the game replicate the Viking culture quite nicely.


If you're interested in a strategy game that is based on Norse mythology, Northgard is an amazing game worth trying. The game requires you to command your Viking clan to colonize a mystery continent. Northgard also includes various playstyles based on different clans.


Another amazing game inspired by Norse mythology is Jotun. In Jotun, you step into the shoes of deceased Viking warrior Thora. Thora has to defeat several Jötunn to impress the Gods and get to Valhalla. What I really like about Jotun is its gorgeous hand-drawn animations, which makes one feel as though they are reading a comic book.

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