The Best Online and Video Games Made in Poland

Is This The Best Online and Video Games Made in Poland
Is This The Best Online and Video Games Made in Poland Pixabay

Poland, once non-existent on the video and online game market, has worked its way to hold a title of the game production empire. With more and more distinctive titles released in the country, Polish games continue to amaze the gaming community and introduce fresh trends in the industry.

Hot spots of game creation that come to our mind are Japan or the US but you probably don’t even realise how many of your favourite titles come from the less obvious countries - such as Poland. Well, we bet you’re surprised to hear that Poland is now the world’s fourth-largest exporter of video games !

The Real Classic - The Witcher Series

The very best video game has surely become one of Poland’s top national export products. The "Witcher” series from CD PROJEKT RED, based on a novel saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski, surely needs no introduction. The action role-playing games take place in a medieval fantasy world and provokes players to discuss morality and face consequences of truly difficult decisions.

The series has been recognised globally and received worldwide acclaim. Thanks to the complex storyline, non-obvious approach towards fighting and absolutely stunning, top-notch graphics, the game is now considered one of the top video games of all times. No wonder why the game studio behind the “Witcher" series has become the highest valued company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange !

Unknown, Yet Famous - Kalamba Games Studio

The entertainment market in Poland goes far beyond the video game development sector. The country can boast a few absolutely genius studios that focus on online gambling products that supply virtual casinos all around the world.

The small group of skilful creatives behind the Kalamba Games company innovates from two studios based in Malta - Europe’s iGaming centre - and Kraków, Poland. The developer, although still little known in the industry, features over 40 titles in their portfolio. The number is not impressive, yet the quantity aspect is secondary here. The quality of provided games competes with key iGaming software providers, such as NetEnt or Play’n GO.

The title we wish to highlight in this ranking is the “Age of Ice Dragons”. The fantasy-inspired slot incorporates the unique Missions mechanic, which is distinctive for Kalamba. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels, bonus features maximising player engagement and animations competitive to the top video games’ visuals can make all casino lovers speechless! Should you wish to get to know more about Kalamba Games, visit best online casino ranking and game reviews portal, Kasynoorzel .

A History Lesson - We. The Revolution

Who would have ever thought that Poles will educate us about the French Revolution through a video game? Thanks to the “We. The Revolution” game title, a player gets into the role of a judge who presides over various cases. The fate of those on trials depends purely on their decision! Simultaneously, players learn about the French Revolution and their choices affect how they are perceived by the state.

This title is a perfect example of both an entertaining and educational production which breaks all the stereotypes of a typical video game. It’s a beautiful tribute to human history and the past which one should never forget about.

Zombies And Undercover Agents - Dying Light

“Dying Light", developed in Poland by Techland and published by Warner Bros. in 2015, is one of the most iconic zombie titles available on the market. An individual player becomes Kyle Crane, an undercover agent requested to check out a quarantine zone in the city of Harran. The aim is to retrieve a top-secret file. How to do it? By fighting plagues of blood-hungry zombies.

While assessing grotesque creatures, players can enjoy well-coordinated lighting cycles and dynamic gameplay. Fans of the Walking Dead series, who are not yet familiar with the title, should give this game a try.

Preserving Humanity - Frostpunk

One might wonder why we have left out “Frostpunk” for the very end. Let’s say that we see this game a cherry on top in this selection without which this ranking could never exist.

Developed by famous 11 bit studios, the title combines the very best elements of all categories - city-building, survival and 4X games. “Frostpunk” takes players on the compelling trip to the late 1800s. The climate change devastates humanity and those left alive must save the last city on Earth.

The story is told through detailed animations that also help set a scary tone in the game. The cold, snowy and minimalistic tones remind us of the Game of Thrones. Players are put in decision-making roles, facing up challenges along their way. Stretching food supplies, children labour dilemma or treatment of gravely ill citizens - will you handle it all?

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