BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Launches New Collaboration with Magical DoReMi

Cuteness overload.
Cuteness overload. Twitter/@bangdreamgbp_EN

Prepare for some kawaii overload with the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! and Magical DoReMi collaboration. It’s going to feature new content like Limited Gacha, Collaboration Missions, Mission Live Event, and new cover songs from Magical DoReMi.

Here are the different in-game campaigns that players can enjoy:

  • Collaboration Event “Happy! Lucky! Magic of Smiles!”
    • Event Period:
      • December 11 to December 17
    • Rewards:
      • 3-Star Kanon Matsubara [Gentle Witch] (After Training)
      • 3-Star Kaoru Seta [Fleeting Witch] (After Training)
  • Time-limited “No Secrets! Magical Gacha”
    • Event Period:
      • December 11 to December 19
    • Rewards:
      • 4-Star Kokoro Tsurumaki [Smile Witch] (After Training)
      • 4-Star Hagumi Kitazawa [Powerful Witch] (After Training)
      • 3-Star Misaki Okusawa [Resigned Witch] (After Training)
  • Commemorative Collaboration Login Campaign
    • Collaboration Login Period:
      • December 11 to January 1
    • Details:
      • Log in on Day 1 of the Collab Login Campaign and immediately get Stars x 1000.
      • A total of Stars x 2500 to be given away.
  • Get Exclusive Magical DoReMi Collaboration Pins!
    • Period of Collab Celebration Gift:
      • December 11 to December 19
    • Details:
      • Players who log in during the period receive the exclusive in-game item “Collaboration Pins 5 Set” and Tone Crystal x 50 as a gift.
  • MAJOLIKA Live Costume Available
    • Collaboration Mission Period:
      • December 11 to December 17
    • Details:
      • During this crossover there’s going to be Daily Collaboration Missions added.
      • Players can complete these to get “OY! COLA” (collab limited Boost Drink), free Stars, and Kokoro's Collab Live Costume in the motif of MAJOLIKA from Magical DoReMi!

In addition to the events, players can also enjoy these new cover songs:

  • Ojamajo Carnival!!
    • Lyrics: Shoko Ohmori
    • Composer: Takeshi Ike
    • Arrangement: Seima Kondo (Elements Garden)
    • Cover Band: Hello, Happy World!
  • DANCE! Ojamajo
    • Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori
    • Composer: Yasuo Kosugi
    • Arrangement: Ryota Tomaru (Elements Garden)
    • Cover Band: Pastel*Palettes

So what else is available? There are also these:

  • Collaboration Commemorative Happy Box
    • Content:
      • 810 Paid Stars
      • 1 “OY! COLA” (restores 10 Live Boosts)
      • Up to 1400 Free Stars
    • Sale Period:
      • December 11 to December 17
  • 1 4-Star Member Guaranteed! Gacha Vol.1 & Vol.2 Gacha Campaigns
    • Gacha Period is from December 11 to January 11

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is available on Android and iOS.

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