Avengers: Infinity War Trailer’s Biggest Mysteries

Thanos is finally here.
Thanos is finally here. Marvel

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer seems straightforward and generic on the surface: fighting, punching, bad guys, some good guys, more bad guys... But look closely and you’re left with many questions. The new Avengers movie has been a long time in the making. Thanos was teased as far back as The Avenger s in 2012. His attempts to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet have not been fruitful, but the latest trailer suggests he’s off to quite a good start. Here’s the biggest questions we have.

That looks like it hurts.
That looks like it hurts. Marvel

Vision’s Death?

In the trailer, we see Corvus Glaive prying the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. The stone, first seen in Loki’s scepter in The Avengers, was used by Ultron to create Vision. The idea backfired when Vision gained a sentience that opposed to Ultron’s agenda. The soon-to-be most powerful Avenger killed Ultron, but he is now in trouble again. What happens to Vision if he doesn’t have the stone embedded in his forehead? Can Corvus actually kill Vision? We’ll have to see, but it’s also possible Vision’s supposed demise in the trailer only acts as a diversion from the death of another main character that’s supposed to be an even greater surprise.

Whose bloody hand is Tony Stark holding?
Whose bloody hand is Tony Stark holding? Marvel

Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Nova?

The post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 scene gave a huge nod to Adam Warlock, but to many fans’ dismay, the character closely tied to Thanos and the Soul Stone in the comics will not appear in Infinity War (even though he’s one of the only to defeat Thanos).

The whereabouts of the Soul Stone may have been revealed in this new trailer. It has been highly insinuated the Soul gem resides in Wakanda, which is why we see Thanos Black order an attack on the hidden, technologically advanced African civilization. We expect to find some answers when Black Panther hits theaters in February.

For those expecting Captain Marvel, she’s not set to have a role in Infinity War either. But like Warlock, she’s one of only a few Marvel heroes who could actually give Thanos a run for his money. Thankfully, Brie Larson (and Nick Fury) are confirmed to appear in the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. As for Warlock, his cameo in the post-credits of the first Guardians might have been a nice tease and nod to the Infinity storyline from the comics.

Another interesting character who Infinity War may or may not introduce is Nova. When Thanos flashes his Gauntlet in the trailer, the first thing we see is the Power Stone. The last known location of the power stone (also known as “The Orb”) was on Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy. This means if Thanos acquired the Power Stone, he went through the Nova Corp to get it. This could pave the way to at least briefly introduce Nova, should a few of the current Avengers get themselves killed. In the comics, Nova helped fight the Skrull Empire. And with Captain Marvel on the horizon, a “Secret Invasion” storyline could actually play out sooner than later.

Guardians Involvement

Footage from San Diego Comic-Con showed Thor land on the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship. We see a snippet of that scene in the Infinity War trailer, and it makes more sense after watching Ragnarok. Thor was last scene on a spaceship after escaping from Asgard's destruction. The post credits scene shows Thanos' ship approaching, likely to intercept the infinity stone inside the Tesseract, which we now know is in Loki's possession. But how exactly the Guardians happen to cross paths with the God of Thunder remains a mystery.

How do the Guardians meet Thor in space?
How do the Guardians meet Thor in space? Marvel

Infinity Stone Locations?

Vision has the Mind Stone, the Soul Stone is most likely on Wakanda and Thanos likely acquired the Power Stone. Marvel fans that saw Thor: Ragnorok might have seen the Space Stone (which grants the user interstellar teleportation) in the Gauntlet. Loki is the worst brother ever and stole it before Asgard was destroyed.

Vision's true form.
Vision's true form. Marvel

One of the two remaining stones is The Reality Stone (or Aether), which is presumably still with the Collector after the Asgardians sent it to him at the end of Malekith’s failed assault in Thor: The Dark World. The other is the Time Stone, which is stored within the Eye of Agamotto, last seen in Doctor Strange’s possession during his brief appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. The Infinity War trailer shows Tony Stark standing in Strange’s home, which means Strange’s encounter the big purple baddie is inevitable.

Tony Stark links up with Doctor Strange.
Tony Stark links up with Doctor Strange. Marvel

How Is War Machine Back & Where Is Ant-Man?

Captain America: Civil War left Don Cheadle’s Rhodey paralyzed from the waist down, yet we see War Machine in Avengers formation once again. If you remember, Vison accidentally blasted him out of the sky in the Cap Vs. Iron Man battle, but it looks like Tony Stark has apologized to his #2 with some new tech. Also, there’s no sign of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, but maybe he’s on a very tiny secret mission.

We need an update on Rhodes.
We need an update on Rhodes. Marvel

Why Spidey Senses Now?

Peter Parker did not possess the classic Spidey-Senses in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-sense defined the superhero in previous Spider-Man films and it seems all the teenager needed was some time… and an intergalactic emergency.

Marvel and Sony didn't forget about the spidey-senses after all.
Marvel and Sony didn't forget about the spidey-senses after all. Marvel

The trailer shows Peter Parker in a school bus when all the sudden, the hairs on his arm shoot up. Peter looks into the sky and sees a huge alien craft hovering above the city. Spider-Man is going to need all his abilities for the impending battle with Thanos. But if this trailer is any indication, it looks like the kid is no match for the big bad even with the new Iron Spider suit.

Spider-Man's "iron" suit.
Spider-Man's "iron" suit. Marvel

What’s Cap Been Up To?

Captain America Civil War largely stemmed from a disagreement between Iron Man and Cap in the wake of the Sokovia Accords, but the film ended with the two Avengers on rocky terms. Thanks to a vigilant fan, we have an idea about how the now bearded Cap joins forces with Stark once again.

What has Cap been doing?
What has Cap been doing? Marvel

If you remember from Civil War, Cap gives Stark a flip phone and lets him know he can call in an emergency. It looks like Stark does just that in the presence of Doctor Strange. The secret Avenger emerges from the underground once again.

Obviously, the biggest mystery is how these heroes plan to defeat Thanos. They can barely take him on without the Infinity Stones. Any theories about how this will go down? Let us know in the comments.

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