ASTRONEER January 25 Update: An Awakening

ASTRONEER January 25 Update
ASTRONEER January 25 Update Steam

ASTRONEER received a major update that introduced new changes and UX improvements, along with several bug fixes.

Fault Finders and Advanced Trade

The latest update added some changes to Fault Finders and Advanced Tools. After the completion of [ERROR#%//HELP], players can craft and deploy Fault Finder items. The activated Fault Finders, which are used to store a [ERROR//%!DENIED], can also be used on the Trade Platform to acquire interesting items.

Location and Travel Notifications

Now, when players enter a region on a planet, they will receive a brief location notification on the top of the screen. The current location can be redisplayed by opening the compass. Also, a travel notification will pop up on the top of the screen when traveling to another planet.

Astroneer’s Fourth Anniversary

To celebrate Astroneer’s fourth anniversary, the developers introduced a new cosmetic for players to enjoy! To unlock exclusive cosmetic items, players are required to log in during the month of February.

ASTRONEER January 25 Update

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • AS-18801 | Automation | Repeater Segment Pins Are Now Usable After Reaching a Certain Range.
  • AS-18793 | Planetary Flight | The camera will no longer collide with things while flying between planets.
  • AS-18759 | Power | The Large Solar Panel is now outputting 8 U/s, in line with its description.
  • AS-18708 | Shuttles | Camera | The camera will no longer jitter when flying between planets.
  • AS-18687 | U27 | Copyright date in opening credits has been updated from 2022 to 2023.
  • AS-18554 | SWITCH | Overachiever | The Overachiever Palette should now unlock when completing all the tasks.
  • AS-18413 | ART – Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds.
  • AS-18412 | ENGINEERING- Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds.
  • AS-18411 | DESIGN - Some Dev folders are no longer visible in Game Files in Shipping Builds.
  • AS-18410 | Child Actors | Several items can no longer have pieces removed by other items while slotted.
  • AS-18406 | Community | The Trade Platform's Rocket Can No Longer Be Unattached in Creative Mode.
  • AS-18262 | Spaceport | Storage Canisters will now push or pull resources to or from slots on the Spaceport.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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