Astria Ascending: Patch 1.0.107 Brings New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improvements

Astria Ascending Patch 1.0.107
Astria Ascending Patch 1.0.107 Steam

Most RPGs today have a more active battle system where you purposefully move your character while hacking and slashing any enemy you come across. However, if you want to take your time when battling monsters, you may want to try Astria Ascending.

Developed by Artisan Studios, this turn-based JRPG is complete with hand-drawn visuals and an emotional plot.

Recently, it has received an update that brings new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Patch 1.0.107 adds an option to let you set the video resolution, as well as the ability to put the game in windowed mode. Additionally, the mouse cursor will now be hidden if you are using a gamepad.

For fixes, the developers implemented a trap to prevent the infinite falling glitch in Sagittarius Temple. Also, the “Weakness of the Noises” side quest, which was previously impossible to complete in some instances, has been resolved.

Patch 1.0.107 Highlights

  • An option was added to change the resolution of the game and the possibility to put the game in window mode
  • Decrease of the escape success rate
  • Possibility to hide the mouse cursor while using a gamepad
  • Added a trap to prevent infinite falling in Sagittarius Temple
  • Collision added at the end of the dungeon in the Virgo Temple and active display adjusted
  • Increase XP output when playing on Hard mode
  • Cursor visibility is now hidden when using a controller
  • Fixed the Monsters order in the journal
  • Fixed the Monsters IDs in the journal (ROUGE)
  • Fixed equipment bonus stats (percent instead of value) (ROUGE)
  • Fixed the Hunt 20 difficulty
  • Fixed the fight loop when fleeing from hunt 16, 17 and 19
  • Fixed the Hunt 19 (being immune to WEAK)
  • Fixed the issue with the Wandering Merchant's name/position in the shop
  • Fixed the clouds disabled in towns
  • Fixed off-camera collision
  • Fixed the side quest Motivation Sought that puts you into an infinite loop
  • Fixed the issue of using a charged water stockage with a charged water ring makes lose your charge
  • Fixed the Smoke VFX in Vetira
  • Fixed the clouds that weren't appearing properly in Ranta
  • Fixed the issue of the Eko Wushu's weapon not updating in the menu
  • Fixed the duplicate Guild in Arsion
  • Fixed the spelling mistakes in hunts descriptions
  • Fixed the side quest "Weakness of the Noises" that couldn't be completed in some cases
  • Reordered some monsters in the Journal that were incorrectly displayed at the beginning of the list, and corrected the displayed location of some of them
  • Fixed the HP Spend which doesn't work when cast by a summon
  • Fixed missing sounds on monsters
  • Fixed graphic bug in Dagmar's cutscene
  • Fixed the target of a summon's skill: the summon skill "Courage" could only be cast on the enemy instead of the summon
  • Fixed the skill "Gate of Heaven" which was not working as intended
  • Fixed balancing of several enemies
  • Skill restore mp is now only available in battle

You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official Steam page.

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