Assetto Corsa: Competizione Fixes Lots of Console Issues in Update v1.8.9.1

Update v1.8.9.1
Update v1.8.9.1 Twitter/@AC_assettocorsa

The sports car racing simulator Assetto Corsa: Competizione is best enjoyed when using a third-party steering wheel. That said, a few annoying issues using steering wheels on consoles got resolved in Update v1.8.9.1.

For instance, the issue where default steering wheel presets do not show up is now fixed. Furthermore, PS5 players who were unable to save their custom setups when a steering wheel is connected can rejoice with the bug finally taken care of.

On the Xbox, there was an annoying bug that removed all force feedback (FFB) from the steering wheel when returning to the game from a suspended state. There’s no need to worry now, so long as players patch their clients up to the latest version.

Patch Notes

  • Camera: Using both the "look left" and "look right" inputs at the same time to look backwards leaves the camera in that position even after releasing the buttons.
  • Commands lock panel appearing when the race is over.
  • Controls becomes unresponsive a few seconds after joining and then leaving a private lobby.
  • Impossible to interact with popups in case they appear while looking at Replays/Highlight.
  • Multiple debug strings are displayed in private lobbies.
  • Multiple qualifying sessions are not applied in Private Lobbies.
  • The user is disconnected via timeout after 2 minutes and 10 seconds of waiting to join a CP server session.
  • Dynamic Weather and track status stays on "no" and "optimum" respectively even with other options selected.
  • Navigation via left thumbstick still working when trying to change a key-bind.
  • Exiting a replay or loading a save mid-session freezes the display for a few seconds.
  • Setup Date and Time is always the same.
  • Application crashes or becomes unresponsive when attempting to exit the matchmaking options in Multiplayer.
  • Audio issues dropouts.
  • Counting of Points in Career Mode messed up.
  • In a private lobby, any custom cars selected by another user will be improperly displayed.
  • The title crashes in sessions following a resumption from Sleep/Suspended due to missing car setup data.
  • CP sessions at Imola are inaccessible despite 2020 GT DLC being installed.
  • In Private Lobby setup, the Weather and Track Conditions menu displays as Single Player and the Starting Track Conditions submenu is missing.
  • Application does not accept input from the active controller when an additional user signs in.
  • The user is required to terminate and re-launch the title in order to be able to use any DLC content.
  • The title enters an indefinite partially unresponsive state after resuming from connected standby, Quick Resume, or a suspended state during a Private Multiplayer game session.

Assetto Corsa: Competizione Update v1.8.9.1 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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