The Ascent: 12 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage Released

One of the first big next-gen offerings.
Publisher Curve Digital has released 12 minutes of gameplay footage for The Ascent.
Publisher Curve Digital has released 12 minutes of gameplay footage for The Ascent. Curve Digital

IGN has just published a new 12-minute gameplay video for the cyberpunk-esque action RPG title The Ascent from publisher Curve Digital (Human: Fall Flat, For The King, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels) and developer Neon Giant. The gameplay trailer showcases bits and pieces of the game’s enemies, weapons, and skills systems.

The Ascent is a game based on the titular self-contained, corporate-run metropolis that encompasses multiple creatures from all over the galaxy. The Ascent Group arcology is basically a mega city run by an organization called The Ascent, which all the workers inside it in a form of modern slavery. Players assume the character of a worker inside one of The Ascent’s many districts.

While on a routine assignment one day, your life is turned upside down when a series of events forces The Ascent Group to suddenly shut down for unknown reasons. This causes the automated security systems to go haywire. When this happens, the survival of your district is threatened. Rival corporations are now preying in the absence of The Ascent and it is up to you to take up arms and prevent them from doing so while discovering how everything was started.

The game’s other features are listed below as well as on its Steam Page, which includes in-depth exploration. The Ascent Group arcology features allies as well as enemies as you explore the brimming arcology and its wide range of districts, from the deep slums to the higher luxury spheres. As you go higher up, keep enemies’ height and weaknesses in the back of your mind when fighting, making the most out of every opportunity. Take down even the worst opponents to find the rarest loot.

The Ascent also features in-depth customization, as you modify your body with cyberware and gear up with weapons and equipment that suit your playstyle. Take a slick and precise approach or arm yourself to the teeth and go full chrome. The game also features multiplayer; play the entire game alone or work together with up to three friends in local or online co-op.

The Ascent is due out in 2020 for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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