‘Arrow’ Season 5: Oliver Gets Closure From [SPOILER] In 100th Episode

'Arrow' Season 5 premieres Oct. 5.
'Arrow' Season 5 premieres Oct. 5. CW

We won’t see Green Arrow on The CW until the week of the Invasion! crossover, which begins on Supergirl Nov. 28. Arrow’s crossover night also celebrates the 100th episode of the series and there’s going to be a handful of special guests, many of whom we haven’t seen since Arrow Season 1. This includes Oliver's parents, Moira and Robert Queen, as well as an appearance from Deathstroke and late Laurel Lance.

Katie Cassidy in her Black Canary costume on 'Arrow'
Katie Cassidy in her Black Canary costume on 'Arrow' CW

These four characters are back because Oliver will wake up in an alternate timeline where the Queen’s Gambit never sank, according to the episode description. This means Oliver was never stuck on Lian Yu, never became a member of the Russian Mafia, and essentially everything we’ve seen in the flashbacks so far didn’t happen. Even though Oliver catches on and realizes something’s up, this time gives him a chance to get some closure with some very important people in his life.

“There [is] a very therapeutic moment for my character towards the end [of the Arrow episode] where I get to say goodbye to people that I never got the chance to say goodbye to,” Stephen Amell told TV Line.

Amell is most likely speaking of Laurel Lance, who revealed Oliver will always be the love of her life right before she died at the end of Season 4. Her death has made Oliver think twice about his legacy. He’s chosen to uphold Black Canary’s morals as a vigilante, vowing to fight in the name of justice, not revenge. Recently released photos from Arrow’s 100th episode reveal Oliver will get a glimpse of what could have been when he wakes in an alternate reality to his soon-to-be wife, Laurel.

The "Invasion! crossover.
The "Invasion! crossover. CW

Oliver may also get some closure with his father. A lot has happened since Robert Queen shot himself in the head on the raft to save Oliver’s life. A whole season was devoted to Robert Queen’s ‘list,’ but Oliver never had the chance to actually talk to his father about it. After spending the last five years protecting Star City in his father’s name, things could get emotional when the two come face to face.

Last month, series producer Marc Guggenheim described the moment in question as “Stephen Amell’s best performance” to date. “This one scene, that really has two moments within the one scene, will break your heart. It will take your heart, pull it out and stomp it on the floor,” he said.

ARROW CELEBRATES 100 EPISODES; THE EPIC SUPERHERO CROSSOVER CONTINUES — Oliver (Stephen Amell) wakes up to a life where he never got on The Queen’s Gambit. Robert (guest star Jamey Sheridan) and Moira Queen (guest star Susanna Thompson) are alive and well. Laurel (guest star Katie Cassidy) is his loving fiancée and their wedding is imminent. Everything seems perfect, but Oliver starts to notice small imperfections that make him question this new reality. Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and the recruits take on a new threat with help from The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist).

Arrow’s 100th episode airs on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

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