Arena Of Valor Guide: Tips For Tencent's Mobile MOBA

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arena of valor
What kind of champion are you? Tencent Games

Arena Of Valor , Tencent’s newest MOBA, has finally released in the United States. Players can finally experience a dedicated mobile battle arena that capitalizes on League Of Legends simplicity with shorter matches that anyone can play. For the past week, I’ve done nothing but grind AOV , learning how to use Arthur,climb the ranked ladder and not feed. I am very picky about the competitive games I play, but I’ve fallen head over heels with this title, though who knows how long my honeymoon phase will last.  

I’ve assembled a list of helpful tips and tricks for beginners that might have trouble figuring out what’s the best way to play Arena Of Valor.

Three Lanes, Pick One- Arena Of Valor , like nearly every MOBA released since the original DOTA , has a main mode that’s pretty much the only one worth playing. Three lanes with three towers apiece that spawn three minions every few minutes. In other MOBAs, its common to see a bruiser/tank in the top lane, a mage mid, an aggressive farmer in the jungle and a marksmen and support in the bot lane. While figuring out the basics in casual play, don’t worry too much about picking the optimal lane for your champion. The game is so new in the U.S. that the meta has yet to be discovered. It’s way more important to learn the basics.

Pick One Champion Per Role- The best way to get good at a MOBA with dozens of playable characters is to practice with it as much as possible. Getting good on Valhein or Krixi, two of the easiest champs to pick up, is crucial to developing gameplay skills. On the other hand, don’t limit yourself to one champion just because you picked them at the beginning and you’re too scared to try anyone else. Everyone has their own unique playstyle. Find out which champion best fits your needs will help you in the long run.

It’s A Team Game- When I play Overwatch, I beg my teammates to cooperate, though they rarely do. In a MOBA or any team game, your macro game is just as important as your micro, and the only way to improve your team play is to work with your allies. AOV has three pings and a chat system—don’t be afraid to use them to communicate with your teammates. Nothing is worse than going to mid lane for a gank but have an enemy escape with a little bit of health because your ally was dicking around.

There’s A Gold Limit- To keep lifeless goons from losing their lives to the game, Tencent Games has put a limitation on how much gold you can earn in one day. You use gold to buy Arcana and heroes, which are crucial to gaining success in the game. Don’t be caught off-guard by the limit. It’s just a sad component of a free-to-play game that needs to make money.    

Road To Glory Is A Must- If you play three games in one day, you’ll unlock a special hero on the Road To Glory. Each day, two more unlock, which gives you 14 heroes for free. Earning these are a must for getting better at the game, since there’s no other way to unlock these heroes outside of play.  

Have Fun- It’s a video game, don’t get to salty over your rank.

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