Apex Legends: Upcoming Update Nerfs Anvil Receiver; Makes G7 Scout and C.A.R SMG Craftable

Spellbound Collection Event
Spellbound Collection Event Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event launches next week and with it is an update that will bring amazing in-game changes, including the ability to craft the G7 Scout and C.A.R SMG.

The G7 Scout and C.A.R SMG are two popular weapons in Apex Legends. The former is a semi-automatic battle rifle that can be fitted with the Double Tap Trigger hop-up, granting it an alternative burst fire mode. The latter is a versatile submachine gun because it’s capable of using light and heavy ammo, which players can swap to at any time with a press of a button.

That said, both of these weapons will be available to craft once the upcoming patch for Apex Legends goes live.

While players can craft the G7 Scout and C.A.R SMG soon, there’s another notable change that players should know about: the nerfing of Anvil Receiver.

For those who don’t know, the Anvil Receiver is a hop-up that can be attached to the R-301 Carbine and VK-47 Flatline assault rifles. This increases the semi-auto damage of these weapons. However, a single shot uses two ammo instead of one, and the fire rate is reduced as well.

Anyway, the damage of the R301 and Flatline assault rifles with the Anvil Receiver attached is reduced to 32 and 39, respectively. Additionally, the limb damage multiplier is reduced from 0.9 to 0.75, which means that players should now be aiming for the head if they want to score a kill.

Patch Notes

  • Spitfire returns to the floor
  • Peacekeeper returns to the floor
  • G7 Scout
    • Damage reduced to 32 (was 34)
  • Prowler Burst PDW
    • Damage increased to 15 (was 14)
  • Sentinel
    • Now requires 1 shield cell to Energize (was 2)
  • Fixed mirage decoys not showing shield regen fx when near a Wattson Pylon or in Control or Gun Game modes.
  • 10 new Welcome Challenges added to help new players learn Apex.
  • New “Apex 101” badge reward for completing all 10 Welcome Challenges.
  • Changing characters in the Firing Range now has a smoother third-person transition.
  • Fixed rare issue with Mobile Respawn Beacon sometimes spawning the Dropship out of bounds.
  • Fixed issue with ability previews when entering Phase Portals.
  • Doors now always appear as damaged when they’re one melee attack away from being destroyed.
  • Caustic Town Takeover loot canisters now behave more reliably in Control Mode.
  • Reduced the VFX of Caustic’s gas flash.
  • Fixed rare client crash with IMC Armories.
  • Fixed the raven in Bloodhound’s Niflheim Hundr skin to appear as white more reliably.
  • DirectX 12 beta: added support for the Brightness slider in all Display Modes.
  • Fixed issue where Crypto could inspect while using their drone removing the HUD.
  • Fixed issue where the lobby tabs would enter an unresponsive state after changing resolution on PC.
  • Adjusted hold and tap logic for controller players viewing weapons in Loadouts to be more responsive.

Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Update arrives on January 10.

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