American Truck Simulator Invites You to the Cruising Kansas Event

You're invited to a new event! SCS Software

The Kansas DLC is releasing to American Truck Simulator on November 30. To celebrate the release of this new content, everyone is invited to a World of Trucks event which is Cruising Kansas. Here they get to discover, as well as explore, the diverse landscapes that the Sunflower State has to offer.

For this event, the community is challenged to reach the goal of driving 125,000,000 miles (201,168,000 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Kansas.

With #CruisingKansas, players get to enjoy state parks and expansive prairies, which give truly unforgettable views. It's not just about views since Kansas is also the home to various wildlife that include deer, coyotes, raccoons, salamanders, and the iconic American bison. There's also a bunch of birds, such as the Western Meadowlark, that make pit stops during the trip south.

While Kansas had its start in agriculture, it has since evolved to become a vibrant industrial hub which has attracted large business due to its central location and efficient logistics infrastructure. As such, truckers get to support and enjoy the different industries present from the thriving aviation sector to car factories or even the renowned salt mine. As they travel across the state, players can look forward to different views and highlights that include:

  • Dodge City, known for its history as a frontier town of the Wild West
  • Monument Rocks, landmark of ancient chalk formations
  • Kansas City, largest metropolitan area in Kansas
  • Mount Sunflower, highest natural point in Kansas

Like with the previous cruising events, players get to use their own trailer and experience all these in the external market. There's a total of 14 new cities to explore with the Kansas DLC. Players can also look forward to a special reward for completing their personal goal, which need them to deliver a job to or from all of them. All jobs for the event need to be at least 100 miles each (161 km).

For this event, players able to deliver cargo to or from 14 Kansas cities get a personal World of Trucks Achievement and a Sunflower themed ATS truck paint job Steam inventory item. Meanwhile, if the community goal is reached and players achieve their personal goal, they obtain the Amber Sunflower hanging ornament Steam inventory item.

American Truck Simulator was released for the PC in February 2016. It's available through Steam.

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