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Age of Darkness: Final Stand
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Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a strategy game where players have to fend off Nightmares. The developers recently released Update 0.6.2 which added Factions, Enemy Inspect, and several bug fixes.


The three heroes of the game - Edwin, Vizargo, and Aelis - now have their own factions. Edwin of The Order, Vizargo of The Volatists, and Aelis of The Rebellion. Each of these factions has its strengths and weaknesses, making survival more interesting.

The Order is a safe pick faction for players who want to outlast the Nightmares. Its siege units train faster, cost less, and even deal better damage. Since its lineup is into siege units, you need to get them into the late game to obtain higher health and health regeneration.

The Volatists favor aggression and rapid expansion. With three pikemen that can damage multiple enemies at the same time, expect fast and easy early nights. This is thanks to the faction's high attack speed, high movement speed, low training time, and low upkeep. You must exploit its aggressive nature or it may slow down in the late game.

Finally, The Rebellion is a faction known for its mobility and tactical prowess. Its units have high damage, high movement speed, and high range, but low upkeep. These benefits are excellent if you can maximize tactics. If not, you cannot get their full potential. If you reach the late game, more movement speed and damage will be given to these units.

Enemy Inspect

In this update, the developers added an option to inspect enemies. The UI will display enemy stats and descriptions, which should give players an idea of how to counter the specific enemy. This feature will be helpful for newer players and when the developers introduce more enemies into the game.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand Update 0.6.2

Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an issue where the game thinks shift is being held and tries to just queue all of your movements.
  • Fixed an issue where Units could not path correctly around Catapults.
  • Fixed an issue where Attack-Move would not register when clicking on impassable terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not focus on a selected Building until you close the popup.
  • Fixed an issue where the title would freeze when pressing F1 or F2.
  • Fixed an issue where Aelis’ guards would not attack enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Aelis’ guards would jitter after an attack-command move.
  • Fixed an issue where Vizargo’s Impaling Wrath ability would not activate.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay in Vizargo responding to move commands.
  • Fixed an issue where Vizargo’s range for Impaling Wrath remains when selecting a Unit after the skill has been selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Bursters were dealing damage outside their AOE radius.
  • Fixed an issue where Buildings would need to be double-clicked to be selected.

You can read more about the update here.

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