Age of Darkness: Final Stand Content Update v0.5.0 Adds Pikemen and Refined Lumber Yard

Age of Darkness: Final Stand Content Update v0.5.0
Age of Darkness: Final Stand Content Update v0.5.0 Steam

A new player unit, building upgrade, and some Hardships are now available in Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Content Update v0.5.0 introduces the Pikemen - a new melee unit that can pierce up to three enemies in front of them, a perfect fit for both offense and defense.

There are times when you need to get as many resources as possible. This is especially true if enemies start raiding your base. Well, the new building upgrade - Refined Lumber Yard - not only provides extra resources but a buff that can speed up the construction of surrounding buildings as well.

Hardships in Age of Darkness: Final Stand are modifiers that can give you an extra challenge, depending on what you have enabled. That said, two new Hardships have been added. The first is “Time Waits for No One” and when enabled, you’re unable to pause the game in any way. So, you’ll have to devise your strategies as you go because there’s no ceasefire. The second is “Mortal Coil” and this modifier causes you to lose the game if your Hero dies.


  • Added additional support for the Hardship Menu to disable certain hardships when others are active and selected
  • Added support for new Catapult FX on the impact of projectiles
  • Adjusted the Training Hall to display the icon of the unit currently being trained
  • Adjusted the Grand Bellow Tower to now be researched in the Siege Factory
  • Adjusted Edwin’s Passive Ability to give other units a chance to avoid Horror upon Edwin reaching Level 6
  • Increased the point modifier of the “Blessed We Are Not” Malice to 0.2
  • Added analytics support for The Pikeman and The Refined Lumberyard
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing and re-opening the game too quickly
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when ordering Aelis to move during Death Nights
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when too many movement queues are scheduled
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would not attack the player if a wall was built between them and an Archer Tower
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Sconce and Fire Tower could display Targeting Priority
  • Fixed an issue where Archers and Arbalests would not scale correctly when Emboldened or when affected by the Fury Skills
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap could be fully displayed when spawning into the game
  • Fixed an issue where the radius of Food Huts would appear larger than normal when trying to place a Farm
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a difficulty and then swapping to Custom Difficulty selection could disable pausing
  • Fixed an issue where Archers, Arbalests, and Siege Weapons could attack enemies hidden by Darkness
  • Fixed an issue where Arbalests would respond to orders incorrectly

Age of Darkness: Final Stand Content Update v0.5.0 is available on PC.

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