Horror Game 'Abandoned' Creeps its Way to PS5 Later This Year

A new kind of horror.
A new kind of horror. Blue Box Game Studios

Good news horror fans! There’s a new horror survival title arriving in PlayStation 5 sometime later this year. Titled Abandoned, it’s a first-person shooter that offers an open-world environment along with a more realistic approach when it comes to survival.

Before you get too excited though, Game Director Hasan Kahraman of developer Blue Box Game Studios said in a post that the game remains in the early development stage. You can watch the teaser trailer below:

The game has players take on the role of a character named Jason Longfield. He wakes up in a strange forest and doesn’t remember why he’s there. He later learns that he was brought to this area for some nefarious reason. From then on, he needs to survive and escape.

Kahraman shared that when developing this game, they wanted it to offer a unique game experience centered on realism. For example, if the character is out of breath, then his accuracy is affected. The same is true when Jason is in a state of fear. After all, most people couldn’t really shoot straight when death is staring at them in the face. Kahraman added that compared to other shooter games, firing weapons in this game are going to be slow.

Kahraman continued that they wanted Abandoned to have a cinematic first-person story. That means players shouldn’t expect a game where they can simply run, aim, and then shoot. The realism implies that players need to plan ahead before they pull the trigger.

So what else can players expect? The developers said that they are leveraging user immersion to heighten the realism. Making this possible is the DualSense wireless controller. As a result, players can feel each interaction during gameplay, including the feedback of being hit by a bullet. There’s also feedback for other experiences like when the player pulls the trigger on a loaded gun versus an unloaded one.

It goes without saying that the game makes the most of what the PS5 can offer. Kahraman revealed that the console let them process high-quality motion capture, all of which not only run at 60 FPS but even being rendered at a native 4K resolution.

So what do you think? Is this horror game worth the wait?

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