31Weston is Now 33Weston of Team 33

Another promising player joins the organization.
Another promising player joins the organization. Team 33

Team 33 announced that it has signed another young and promising talent. Weston “31Weston” Sockwell is now Team 33 and as part of the deal, he got an upfront payment of $33,000. He caught the eye of the organization after winning its hosted Fortnite tournament on March 20, 2021. With the agreement, he now changes his handle from “31Weston” to “33Weston.”

In celebration of the partnership, both Team 33 and Weston also agreed to donate $1,000 to Gamers Outreach, a nonprofit group that helps empower hospitalized families through play.

It was in November last year when Team 33 revealed that it was organizing tournaments to find talented players they can sign to its roster. The March 20 Fortnite tournament was the organization’s first. Then in December, the organization signed eight-year-old 33 Gosu.

Talking about this partnership, Weston shared in a statement that he is excited to be part of the organization and had always wanted to be a professional esports player. He added that he chose Fortnite because it was something that anyone could excel at no matter the age.

Team 33 CEO Tyler Gallagher, meanwhile, said that they were more than happy for 33Weston to be part of the roster. Not only did 33Weston beat many players, but also a two-time FNCS Grand Finalist.

Despite being 14 years old, 33Weston has been playing Fortnite for years, and with exceptional skills. He initially had a passion for football (not the American one) but later learned that he could make a bigger impact through video games. Although an unknown in the pro scene, 33Weston has actually been winning in different Fortnite tournaments before. One of these was the Friday Night Frags Fortnite tournament at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The only reason why he managed to join, and later win this particular tournament, was because his family was taking a vacation in Las Vegas.

His father Jeff revealed that when he was 11, Weston had long been asking him to go to Las Vegas and play in a Fortnite tournament. Jeff added that they said no to traveling to Las Vegas to simply play a video game. He continued that the opportunity finally presented itself when Weston’s sister had a volleyball tournament in the city.

Let's see who's the next promising player Team 33 will sign.

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