Tekken 7 Is Bringing Back A Fox-Masked Kunoichi In Season 4

Look who's back.
Look who's back. Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 is all set to launch Season 4, which is not only going to introduce new content, but also bring with it gameplay improvements. Once the update is released, players should be able to get access to the new Vermillion Gates stage.

An exciting addition in Season 4 is definitely Kunimitsu, sort of. This kunoichi first made her appearance in the original Tekken game as an unlockable character. She then appeared in Tekken 2 with her last official appearance in the series being in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. For Tekken 7, however, it won’t be the original Kunimitsu, but her daughter.

The Vermillion Gates and Kunimitsu are included in the Season 4 Pass, which is going to be launched along with the new season in Fall 2020.

The new season is also going to introduce some free updates which include:

  • New Moves
    • All Tekken 7 characters are going to get new moves in addition to the martial arts skills they already have.
  • Updated UI
    • Players can expect a more streamlined user interface once the new season starts.
  • Online Play Enhancements
    • There’s going to be Response Improvement as well as Wi-Fi indicator.
  • Tekken Prowess
    • Players are going to have their game skills measured through points scoring.
    • This is computed using the highest owned rank of the player, total rank of all characters, play stats, and number ofmatches played.
  • Rank System Renewal
    • A new top level rank is going to be added which is going to be called as “Tekken God Omega.”

In addition to Kunimitsu and the Vermilion Gates stage, the Season Pass is also going to offer a new character and new stage in Spring 2021.

Upcoming Esports Competition

This October, there are three schedules for the Tekken Online Challenge. EU North is going to be on October 10. After that it’s going to be Australia on October 17 and then US Central by October 24. Meanwhile, November is going to have competitions in the Philippines, US West, and Japan.

Tekken 7 is actually the ninth installment in the franchise. The story is set just after Tekken 6 and focuses on the events that led to the final battle between Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya. In addition to new characters, Tekken 7 also introduced new elements to the Tekken fighting system.

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