Holdfast: Nations at War Gallipoli Update Features the Ottoman and Australian Forces; New Maps Introduced

Update 2.3
Update 2.3 Steam

Two new DLCs are now available for the online multiplayer shooter Holdfast: Nations at War. The Gallipoli update also brings new features, including the new invasion game mode and four new maps.

You can now enlist yourself to fight for the Ottoman forces ’57’nci Piyade Alayi or Australia’s 6th Victoria Battalion. These new forces are available if you purchase their individual DLCs for $6.99 each.

Austrian Forces
Austrian Forces Steam

Aside from that, there’s the new invasion game mode you can play with. This siege-inspired game mode allows you to choose between two factions and is set in one of the new maps, Heroes Landing. You can either choose to repel the invaders from your homeland or side with the invading team as you fight your way up from the shoreline and into a local town, where you’ll find a coastal fortification waiting to be besieged.

The other three maps present you with a different set of challenges. Sacrifice is held on a medium-sized battlefield blanketed in snow, which has three defined trench lines to attack or defend from.

Sacrifice Map
Sacrifice Map Steam

Berkton Green may look peaceful and pleasant at first glance, but you’ll soon find out that this place is also tainted by the scourge of war. Here, there are three points of interest that you need to fight for control - including the central church, town factory, and marketplace.

Berkton Green Map
Berkton Green Map Steam

The last map is called the Al Uddin Ruins. Considered the first of a new series of Linebattle maps coming to Holdfast: Nations at War, the ruins of Al Uddin are host to the calamitous yet glorious battles of the Napoleonic Era.

Al Uddin Ruins Map
Al Uddin Ruins Map Steam

Patch Highlights


  • Black Forest is now playable on the Army Battlefield and Army Conquest game modes
  • King George is now playable on the Army Conquest game mode
  • Dreadnought Gun Turrets: These truly fearsome weapons of war are tasked with shelling land to soften defenses for the landing parties to make a foothold
  • Steam Boats: Equipped with an MG, these boats are tasked with ferrying men onshore
  • With this new roleplay feature, players can now charge into Napoleonic battles carrying the colors of their nation by simply picking one up from their spawn
  • Introduced camera shake when firing Napoleonic Field Guns and Mortars
  • Introduced a function allowing us greater control over the map vote history count
  • Optimized the player connection and disconnection flow. It no longer causes the frame rate to drop on the server. This should greatly aid the public play experience.
  • Optimized the cannonball ragdoll corpses and physical projectiles
  • Optimized ship spawning and instantiation

Holdfast: Nations at War Gallipoli update is available on PC.

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