Flotsam Update 0.6.0 Makes Changes to Expertise and Leveling

Flotsam Update 0.6.0
Flotsam Update 0.6.0 Steam

Flotsam Expertise update is finally here, and it brings new features, changes, and of course, bug fixes. The developers have also fixed some issues found in older updates.

In Update 0.6.0, research is going to be a bit different. Having books as a requirement for research made it time-consuming. Now, drifters must complete tasks to give them experience and knowledge, which is needed to perform research. For every level a player achieves, they can assign a skill point to raise their expertise.

Some may think leveling up is a hassle, and the developers have thought about that as well. This is where the new mechanic "morale" comes in, where a drifter's morale affects their leveling speed. The higher the morale, the faster the leveling is.

Flotsam Update 0.6.0 - Expertise

  • Updated the drifter Water, Food, and Sleep panel, lack of sleep is now tracked in the Morale panel.
  • The debuff of not eating or drinking has now merged with the morale modifier.
  • Morale modifiers can now affect other things, such as drifter attributes.
  • Drifters not drinking, eating or sleeping will get stackable debuffs that reduce certain attributes.
  • Drifters will now inform players if they are unable to perform their duties and why (mostly for blocked salvaging tasks due to unavailable storage space for resources)
  • Hauling affinity now correctly shows in the drifter duties panel when a drifter has affinity for athletics.
Food and Resources
  • Food now has a quality level: Icky, Ordinary, or Yummy. Each gives a different morale modifier.
  • Updated tooltips of resources to correctly give all required information
  • Added various icons for new features.
  • Changed localization keys for new features.
  • Removed pollution bar on the portraits.
  • Updated some of the UI elements.
Mooring Points and Boats
  • Mooring Points now detect if they are blocked. These will show a warning.
  • Boats moored at blocked Mooring Points will not be used by drifters doing tasks.
  • Boats returning to blocked Mooring Points are no longer abandoned. These will teleport back to their linked Mooring Point.
  • Fixed an issue where the polluted woods scouting tower didn't have a selection circle.
  • Fixed Seagull giving a morale debuff for leaving when they haven't left.
  • Fixed Mooring Point signaling it being blocked when it was not blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where a drifter could get stuck while salvaging a landmark by boat and a resource was toggled off.
  • Fixed a bug where reassigning boats between Mooring Points could break their connection to the Mooring Point.
  • Fixed broken Seagull panel.

You can read more about the update here.

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