Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links GX Update: How To Unlock Every Duelist

jaden duel links unlock
Jaden is the first duelist to unlock with the GX update. Konami

The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX update for Duel Links is finally here, bringing with it new Legendary Duelists to unlock and create decks for.

From Jaden to Aster, the different Legendary Duelists in the GX update of Duel Links offer brand new strategies for players to create and take into battle. While the Legendary Duelists are in the game, Duel Links doesn’t really explain how to unlock certain characters.

We’ve begun testing how to unlock these Legendary Duelists from the GX era of Yu-Gi-Oh! and here’s what you’ll need to do.

NOTE: The methods to unlocking certain duelists are still being compiled. We will update as soon as we learn more.

Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki is the easiest to summon and the one you’ll need to unlock to gain access to the GX world. As long as your Duel Links app is updated to version 2.0 and you’ve downloaded the latest update, the special task to unlock Jaden will appear when you log in.

- Complete task: Summon 10 Warrior-type monsters in duels

Chazz Princeton

Chazz Princeton, like many of the Legendary Duelists when Duel Links first dropped, becomes unlockable once you reach a certain Stage level. Reach this Stage level by completing certain tasks.

- Reach Stage 6 in GX world

- Play 5 traps in GX world

- Achieve one Comeback Victory in Duels against Chazz using Jaden

- Summon Thunder-type monsters 3 times

Alexis Rhodes

Alexis appears in the GX world of Duel Links at Stage 10 along with her unlock missions. Here are the tasks you’ll need to complete to unlock her.

- Perform 3 Ritual Summons

- Win 1 Duel against Alexis at Level 20

- Collect 5 Water Attribute cards

Aster Phoenix

To have Aster Phoenix appear in the Duel World, duelists will need to do the following task.

- Summon 200 Dark-Attribute monsters

Once that is fulfilled, complete these tasks to unlock Aster.

- Perform 2 Fusions in one Duel

- Achieve 3 wins without summoning any monsters that are level 5 or higher

- Win 1 duel against Aster at Level 30 in the Duel World

Bastion Misawa

Some Legendary Duelists in Duel Links can only be unlocked by performing a certain task a specific number of times.

With Bastion, duelists will need to accumulate 50 wins when they have only one card left in their deck. It may seem difficult, but if you have a good farm deck you can wait out a duel until you have one card in your deck.

  • 50 1-card left wins

Complete the following tasks to unlock Bastion.

  • Achieve one win using only Water Monster cards
  • Achieve one win using only Fire Monster cards
  • Achieve one win using only Wind Monster cards
  • Achieve one win using only Earth Monster cards
  • Win 1 duel against Bastion at Level 30

Dr. Crowler

You can unlock the professor by accumulating 300,000 points in the Crowler event. Here's how you can do it. 

Have you unlocked every duelist in GX world yet? Which duelist are you looking forward to using in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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