Destiny 2 PvP Tips: Best Crucible Weapon And Class Tricks

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Destiny 2 - Crucible
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Opinions on the Crucible changes in Destiny 2 run the gamut, but a combination of lingering interest from Destiny 1 players and in-game quests are keeping PvP queues full. Even if other server issues are making it hard for players to find games. The community hasn’t identified any major exploits during Destiny 2’s launch week, but we do have some recommendations for anybody trying to improve their Efficiency rating in the Crucible.

Stick Together

Mistakes are more costly in Destiny 2’s version of the Crucible. Dying theoretically makes your side 25 percent less capable, assuming you aren’t being carried, instead of the 16-ish percent you represented in Destiny 1. Sticking with your team increases your odds of staying alive because it means you can provide covering fire for teammates and vice versa. It also gives allies a better chance of avenging you, since they’ll see where your killer was firing from, if you die.

Focus On Single Targets

If you see your team firing at a target, lend them a hand. It’s easy to assume your allies have it covered, but you never know how that situation could evolve. Maybe the opposition has backup on the way. Maybe that opponent is a better shot than you realize. Whatever the case, help your team drop the enemy in question before moving on to other targets. You’ll probably get an extra kill and the other team will be at a distinct disadvantage when they’re down a player.

Practice With Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles and Shotguns

Shotguns are absolutely devastating in the Crucible but you're heavily limited on ammo. Auto Rifles and Pulse Rifles seem to be the preferred kinetic and energy weapons while you wait for power ammo to spawn. The former is relatively easy to learn but many players seem to struggle with Pulse Rifles in a competitive setting.  If you prefer close range combat, we recommend increasing your proficiency with hand cannons. There aren't many weapons that deal damage faster at close range.

Never Use Trace Rifles

Coldheart is going to be the most common exotic in Destiny 2 for a while, thanks to the game’s pre-order bonus, but we don’t recommend using it in the Crucible. Or any Trace Rifle for that matter. Enemies can get an idea of your whereabouts from the radar and the angle of incoming fire. But they still have to put two and two together, and have some familiarity with the map. The beam from a Trace Rifle draws a line straight to your current location. Please don’t do that.

Regroup Instead Of Chasing

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you and an enemy are dueling and that enemy retreats before you can secure the kill, don’t chase them into unfamiliar territory. Take the opportunity to regroup with your team. There’s a good chance your enemy is retreating to a stronger position, whether it be high ground or closer to their team. Either way, you’re at a disadvantage. Find your team and work together to secure the win.

Check Revive Timers

Maintaining the numbers advantage is one of the easiest routes to success in the Crucible. In some game modes, your allies can be revived after a short wait and you should make their resuscitation a priority in any situation where it can be safely accomplished. It’s a bit easier for Titans, thanks to their barriers, but keep an eye out for any downed ally who died near cover. Revival might not be an option right away, but the countdown timer is only 20 seconds. Hang out in the area for a short time and see if you can get your teammate back up before moving on.

Other Tips

  • Titans can deal lethal AoE damage with The Crown Splitter.

  • MIDA Multi Tool and MIDA Mini Tool have been early favorites too.

  • Queueing with a team is a game-changer, even if it’s only you and a friend.

  • Most Crucible players seem to agree that crouching does more harm than good in PvP

  • Try to flank your opponents during extended firefights.

  • Don’t be afraid to briefly retreat if you flank and get the enemy team’s attention. Back away safely, let your team regain “aggro” and find a new angle to attack from.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game hits PC on Oct. 24.

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