Nintendo Switch Specs Rumors: 1080 WQHD Resolution Rivals PS4, Handheld Outperforms 3DS Say Insiders

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It seems we can’t go very long without a new Nintendo Switch rumor lighting the fire under the gaming community and a new report seems to go against recent rumors regarding the specs of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

The Wall Street Journal ’s tech industry reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, tweeted out some interesting tidbits after speaking with Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda. It seems the Nintendo Switch spec rumors from Eurogamer are not definite, and the Switch won’t be as underpowered as first thought, especially when it comes to the reported resolution.

As a reference, the framerate of most PS4 and Xbox One games is 1080p so if the undocked Switch (which is essentially a handheld) matches it, then the console may be more powerful than originally thought. Mochizuki’s tweet also acknowledges the VR headset patents that have popped up recently, and Yasuda doesn’t believe Nintendo will ever use a VR accessory for the Switch.

Another tweet from Mochizuki’s talk with Yasuda claims the Switch will use DisplayPort instead of USB-C, as previously reported. He also said that the internal bus speed of the Switch will be at 5Gbps, faster than the Nintendo 3DS's 128Mbps.

Nintendo will present the Switch on Jan. 12 and that’s when the specs and launch titles should be announced, as well as the release date, but until that day all of these rumors and reports should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Nintendo Switch will release in March 2017.

So what do you think of the latest Switch specs rumors? Are you hopeful for the console can bring to the table? Sound off in the comments section below.

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