Nintendo Switch Spec Rumors: Graphics And CPU Speeds Possibly Revealed

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The Nintendo Switch will bring new games and a new way to play to gamers. Nintendo

We’re only weeks away from the January Nintendo Switch presentation and insiders continue to discover new information on the upcoming hybrid console before its official debut and announcements. The latest rumor sheds more details on the Switch’s CPU speed.

Eurogamer has put out a lengthy report, which pulls details from other sources including a recent piece from Venturebeat, which reveals how the power of the Switch adjusts as the console goes from docked to portable system.

First and foremost, it seems that the Nintendo Switch will run on something similar to stock Tegra X1. If the report is to be believed, this is a massive step down from what gamers were expecting out of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

Eurogamer does cite some inconsistencies in the supposed Switch Twitter leak, namely the Tegra X1 can run HDMI 2.0, so why would it use HDMI 1.4 specs? This, among other anomalies, puts to question some of the “leaked” information, suggests Eurogamer.

However, in regards to how well the Nintendo Switch runs when docked and not docked, here’s an excerpt from the Eurogamer report:

“As many have speculated, the new Nintendo hardware does indeed feature two performance configurations - and the console is categorically not as capable in mobile form, compared to its prowess when docked and attached to an HDTV. And we can confirm that there is no second GPU or additional hardware in the dock itself regardless of the intriguing patents that Nintendo has filed suggesting that there might be.”

The difference in performance from docked to undocked is as clear as “night and day”.

The Nintendo Switch’s CPU does remain consistent at 1020MHz whether it’s docked or not. Gaming won’t be compromised when switching to on-the-go, which is a big plus.

There’s a lot to process from Eurogamer and Venturebeat’s reports and we won’t get full confirmation until at least the January Nintendo Switch event, but for what it’s worth, Nintendo Insider Laura Kate Dale took to Twitter to to give some minor credence to the Eurogamer report, which you can see below:

If you need more in-depth analysis of the proposed Nintendo Switch specs, check out DigitalFoundry ’s video discussing all the latest spec rumors and let us know your thoughts on the power of the Switch in the comments section below.

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