Nintendo Switch Specs: Amiibo Support And Bluetooth Functionality Confirmed In FCC Filings

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As fans get closer to the January Nintendo Switch presentation, those looking to get information on the upcoming console have scoured the internet for anything they can find and the latest comes from an FCC Filing from Nintendo.

The FCC Filing, via a NeoGaf forum post, was discovered and sheds some light on how the Nintendo Switch will function including continued amiibo support and Bluetooth functionality.

There’s a lot of information from the Nintendo FCC filing, but what stands out from the rest of the report are the “Approved Operation Frequencies” that Nintendo has been granted for its device.

There are two frequencies that the FCC has approved (presumably) for the Nintendo Switch and they are the 13.56 mhz range and the range from 2402 - 2480 mhz range. The 13.56 mhz is the same radio wave that is present in Nintendo’s amiibo figures.

This would confirm that the Nintendo Switch will support amiibos. This was not really in doubt from the Nintendo community, but this FCC filing pretty much confirms the amiibo you have been collecting will work with titles coming to the Switch.

Previous information around the 30th Anniversary Legend of Zelda amiibo working with Breath of the Wild elluded to the Switch being able to use amiibo, but that could have just been for the Wii U version.

As for the second approved range, 2402 - 2480 mhz is the same range that Bluetooth devices use, which will suggest that the wireless controllers found on the sides of the Nintendo Switch will utilize Bluetooth technology.

This is not uncommon for Nintendo as previous wireless controllers have used Bluetooth technology and even its Pokémon Go Plus accessory uses low-energy Bluetooth technology.

The Nintendo Swtich January presentation will air on Jan. 12 with a release for the console slated March 2017.So what do you think of the Switch continuing to use amiibo and Bluetooth technology? Sound off in the comments section below.

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