‘Mortal Kombat X’ 1.13 Patch Notes: Triborg Feels The Wrath Of Game Balances [VIDEO]

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mortal kombat x triborg
Triborg will be joining Mortal Kombat X NetherRealm

Mortal Kombat X and XL received another big update on March 29, which implemented some bug fixes as well as general and character-specific balances. However, as with many of these patches, certain characters are “nerfed” more than others. And the overwhelming consensus is that Triborg is the unlucky fighter.

Patch 1.13 of Mortal Kombat X gives the Kombat Pack 2 characters the expected balance treatment, but with Triborg having four variations (each pretty much its own character) it’s understandable that the fighter would have the most balances.

Here’s just the general balances made to Triborg:

  • Triborg - FP is now +12 on hit (down from 19)

  • Triborg - FP,FP is now +9 on hit (down from 19)

  • Triborg - FP,FP,FP is now +15 on hit (down from 17)

  • Triborg - Towards+FP is now +13 on hit (down from 20)

  • Triborg - BP is now +14 on hit (down from 19)

  • Triborg - Towards+FK is now +15 on hit (down from 20)

  • Triborg - BP,FP is now +17 on hit (down from 24)

  • Triborg - BP,FP,FK is now -1 on block (down from -6)

  • Triborg - FK is now +12 on hit (down from 29)

  • Triborg - Away+FK now has 15 startup frames (up from 11)

  • Triborg - Down+FK is now +12 on hit (down from 18)

  • Triborg - BK is now +12 on hit (down from 17)

Believe us, there are plenty more balances for Triborg and WB Games has provided the full patch notes for version 1.13, which you can read here.

But if you want some expert analysis on Triborg’s “balances,” Ketchup and Mustard did a quick video of the Sektor variation, which you can see below and then leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on the latest Mortal Kombat X balances.

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