‘Power Rangers’ Review Roundup: Cast Praised, But Movie Lacks Identity

power rangers new reboot
Did the new Power Rangers team have a point? (c) Saban Entertainment

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie releases March 24 and the reviews have rolled in from various outlets. But are the reviews for Power Rangers good, bad or something in between?

At the time of this writing, Power Rangers is sitting at 44 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from nine current reviews. Judging from those initial reviews, the Power Rangers reboot seems like something in between. The consensus seems to be that the main cast of characters are enjoyable to watch, but the film itself doesn’t seem to have an identity.

The movie is torn between trying to stand on its own merits as a look into the teenage psyche and being a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers with some clear nods to that era.

USA Today’s review says, “ It takes about 90 minutes of angsty teen-superhero origin story before it figures out that, hey, it’s a Power Rangers movie and therefore requires the most ridiculous action-movie climax in recent memory.”

However, Forbes’ review praises what Power Rangers and director Dean Israelite did in making the film something more than superhero fair.

“Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers does make some of the mistakes found in less successful origin story reboots, mainly in spending too much time getting to what audiences came to see. But it does work as an engaging teen coming-of-age drama.”

The main cast of Rangers are a common point of praise with Polygon saying, “ The only thing that makes Power Rangers worth watching and keeps it going from beginning to end is the cast. All five main Rangers are played by relatively fresh newcomers to the scene, and there’s an enthusiasm for what they’re doing that is contagious.”

Even Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa has also been praised by toeing the line between campy and formidable. Cinemablend’s review says, “ Banks chews the scenery like the old Rita (and clearly has a ton of fun doing it), but this version of the character seems far more lethal and legitimately scary than her predecessor.”

Power Rangers will release in theaters March 24.

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