‘Power Rangers’ Movie Will Have Post-Credits Scene, Confirms Director

power rangers new reboot
Did the new Power Rangers team have a point? (c) Saban Entertainment

The Power Rangers movie will hit theaters soon and in a recent interview, director Dean Israelite confirmed the film will have a post-credits scene.

While talking with Collider, Israelite was asked about the post-credits scene shown during a press screening, specifically why there was one and the decision to put it after the main credits.

“It was always gonna be a coda. It was always gonna be sort of a post-credits scene. The only thing that we debated about that was where it comes two and a half minutes into the…after the main one ends, or is it gonna come right at the end of the credits. So we decided to kind of break the credits up.”

The Collider interview with Israelite touches on a number of things about the film, its past iterations and the decisions to change how the Rangers look, so it’s a great listen for those hyped about the upcoming movie. The discussion about the Power Rangers post-credits scene begins around the 15:41 mark, if you’re inclined to skip to that part.

While Collider nor Israelite gave any hints as to what the post-credits scene in Power Rangers is, we’d like to think it may have something to do with a possible sequel showcasing the evil Green Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin’ series. Or even the emergence of Lord Zedd as the next big bad.

Power Rangers will release in theaters March 24.

Are you excited for the upcoming Power Rangers movie? What do you think the post-credits scene is about? Let us know your best guesses in the comments section below.

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